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Halloween Help for Kids Who Can’t Go Trick or Treating

Published by Kamilah Kudrle

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Gift Basket Fun

One of the fun treats with the Halloween season can be a great gift basket! These baskets can be brought to the office or given to a special teacher or friend. This is a really unique and fun way to celebrate the holiday. This is also a great idea for kids that can’t go trick-or-treating. This is an easy fun present that you can make yourself relatively inexpensively.

1) Pick a fun basket. This can be the neatest part of the gift basket. From a misshapen and wacky basket to a Halloween pumpkin bucket that you fill full of goodies. If you want to be elaborate you can add cobwebs to the basket and plastic spiders to the handle. For a more harvest themed basket add in hay for the stuffing and some harvest colored ribbons.(red, yellow, orange, and brown)

2) Snacks. Add in some super fun snacks. Of course the traditional candy and chocolate are always a hit. If you want a more personal touch add in homemade popcorn balls or caramel apples. If you want to keep it healthy add “Pirate’s booty,” organic fruit strips or apple slices into it. (This is a good idea if you are bringing this to the office)

3) Add in a fun movie or book. The Corpse bride, The Nightmare before Christmas, or the Spiderwick Chronicles are great choices for movies for these baskets. Add in a book of scary stories and a flashlight in the basket. (Make sure it isn’t too scary before you give it to them) This is great for a child who is not able to go trick or treating because this will give them something fun to do on Halloween night.

4) Activities. If this is for the office you may just want to roll up a few facts about the Halloween or harvest season to the basket. If you are giving this to a child, add in a baby pumpkin and paint or markers to decorate it with. Another good activity to put in the basket is the materials to create a cheesecloth ghost. If you want to be really creative add in a treasure map with activities that they need to complete for a special prize( including how they have to write a scary story, draw a witch, color in a scarecrow). This is especially popular if the child is confined to their bed for this holiday.



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