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Halloween Highjinks Leads to Unexplainable Things

Published by Felicidad Kahoun

trick or Treat sir”

Josh said nothing as he tried not to stare at the wrinkled old face of old man Peterson.

“Mighty brave of you boys to come all the way up here for some candy. I don’t get many trick or treaters,” he said. He let out a cackle. “Hold on one second.”

Peterson shuffled back inside. He left the door wide open, and Josh could smell the odor of fish coming from inside. He heard that he was a fisherman.

“Sweet,” Kenny said. “If we are the only ones to come here, maybe we’ll get something good.”

Josh wrinkled his nose. “Maybe.”

A few minutes later, Peterson came back to the door holding two brown bags and a bowl of candy.

“Here you go boys.” He said. He handed them a bag each. Josh was surprised at how heavy his bag was. He tucked it under his arm.

Peterson then reached into his candy bowl and grabbed a handful and tossed some into each of their bags. “Tell more kids that I have candy, ok? Maybe I should turn on my porch light? Yes, I’ll turn on my porch light!”

Josh and Kenny left Mr. Peterson’s house, thankful that the porch light helped illuminate the path making it less scary.

“Dude,” Kenny said. He had stopped to open his brown bag. “There is a fish in this bag!”

Josh looked inside his bag. He gagged when the smell caught his nose. A big fish head stared back up at him. “Gross dude!”

They ran down the block and told the other kids what old man Peterson was handing out at his house. Peeved, Josh tossed the fish into a garbage can and grabbed a carton of eggs sitting by his parent’s car. He headed back to Peterson’s with Kenny and twelve other kids from the neighborhood.

When they arrived back at the creepy house on the hill, Josh dropped his jaw. He along with the others looked up and saw that the house was not there anymore.

“Dude-” Kenny cried.

The other kids slowly backed up. Josh was right next to them.

“Where did the house go, man?” Josh asked. He noticed a man walk up to them.

“What are you kids looking for? Nobodies been on this property for years,” the man said.

He continued on down the street. Josh glared up on the hill, dumfounded. The wind kicked up significantly rustling the trees, and blowing the scent of dead fish through the air.

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