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Halloween Hints and Tips

Published by Veta Kannady

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Scaring the Pants of This Year’s Thrill Seekers

Halloween is an old and cherished childhood holiday that most of us have celebrated since we were but children ourselves. With free candy, getting to dress up in costumes and scaring each other, and having parties it’s a holiday with something to offer everyone. Here are a few tips and tricks to make your next Hallows Eve a bit spookier.

Decorations are generally simple, with simple objects such as fake spider webs, carved pumpkins, and ornamental lighting all enticing the visitor to stop for the fabled handful of candy. Pumpkins, being the most iconic and pervasive decoration, come in all shapes and sizes and are often hollowed out and have funny or scary faces carved into them. An interesting and simple trick when carving pumpkins is to use a marker to trace out a face, and the using a pen knife to carve the face out.

Spider webs can be easily made with large wads of cotton – simply grab handfuls of the cotton and stretch it as far out as possible without pulling it completely apart. The thinner the spread the better, as thinner webs look more realistic from afar. Really any thin and fine white colored material works well as a spider web, so get creative!

Lighting can make or break a feature you wish to show off, and there are tricks to make getting good lighting easier. Cheap solar garden lights (the smaller, the better) can be put inside pumpkins to give off an eerie glow without having to worry about burning flames or replacement batteries, and can be used after Halloween for garden lighting.

Directional lighting also matters, especially so if a lawn feature is a bit hard to see in the dark. If you have lawn lighting, it can be a simple matter of pointing the lights at the feature, but often it’s easier to come up with lighting on the fly. Solar garden lights save the day again, because removing the plastics around the inner LED can brighten the light given off, and pull more attention to your centerpiece.

Halloween cooking is always a great part of the tradition – getting to see other peoples cooking skills in action and then coming up with your own recipes to spook your guests. Cakes, being the simplest to bake into a form, can come in hundreds of designs intended to delight and spook your guests. Using food coloring to add “awful” effects helps as fake blood colored frosting really adds to a well-made cake.

For the adult-only parties, drinks can be made to have odd colors, or unique tastes geared especially for Halloween. Soaking peeled grapes in colored alcohol can add to punches or other alcoholic beverages, and get plenty of praise. For the kids, odd colored punches or sodas can be served so as to have something for everybody.

And children everywhere forgive what comes next; candy isn’t the only thing that can be given out. A cold drink, soda or otherwise, can charm a kid as much as any candy bar. Kids tend to refer their buddies to houses that give out the good handouts, so have plenty on stock. Small themed trinkets like candy dispensers or toys give kids something they don’t have to eat, and is a unique door-to-door treat most kids never get.

Halloween is all about the chills and thrills, the candy and parties, so get creative! Try something other than the same-old humdrum candy and you might just get more “raiding parties” next time around. Kids tend to remember the outstanding treats and impressive decorations from the year before, and some of them will even make that house the first stop the next year.

And don’t get bummed out if you haven’t learned anything from this article. It only means somebody has done their research and already has a wonderful holiday planned. Since Halloween is a holiday that appeals to everyone, there’s sure to be something you can learn this year for the next time around.



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