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Halloween Hospital Horrors

Published by Winnifred Raridon

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Nurse Ratched Lives

A ratchet, a mechanical device for controlling rational motion. Nurse Ratched, a mechanical device for controlling rational emotion. Nurse Ratched defines the triple “H” threat, Halloween hospital horrors, as she can be found in a hospital near you. For who else is going to do the dirty work of walking the halls, and maintaining a quiet and controlled hospital environment along her floor. The eerie sense of questionable intent lingers behind the patients eyes, for they only speak of dark confusion, thanks to nurse Ratched and her syringe of silence. If you have met her, she may seem something like this.

Nurse Ratched can seem angelic upon first meeting her, as she enters the room with a smile. In the deep hours of the night, she says what is best for you, you go along with it. She may even sit down with you and ask how you are doing, which is attractive to any young soul as this offers the sense of home. For when the night turns into morning, nurse Ratched leaves to rest as a vampire rests during the sunlit days.

To the youthful, hearing the words “I will give you this, it will help you rest”, usually comes from nurse Ratched. She knows that you will not remember everything, as she notates her chart of your “request” which led to offering the pain medication. To the older crowd, nurse Ratched can seem horrific, as she enters the room either smirking or grinning with her injection or pill. She tells you what is best for you, but one disagreeable word can result in extra medication. It is a hell of being mentally restrained against the will, as nurse Ratched peers down to you. Her form of “agitated” holds a different definition. Agitated, a powerful description, can make it alright for the nurse to do whatever she “feels” best.

Nurse Ratched has insurance, do you think she cares about your opinion as a patient? In the middle of the night, who is going to hear you other than the patients that remain in another room? Plus, since you are on medication, could it all be in your mind?

Nurse Ratched doesn’t mind blame, as you are asked if your loved one had ever been a drinker or drug user. When a patient isn’t quiet and peaceful, the nurse can use any past addiction against the patients mental state. “She’s a smoker, she must be agitated, I have something for that,” as she gathers her syringe. “Ouch”, “It hurts”, “Oh, no” are indicators of pain through the dim lit room and down the long bright empty hallways. Nurse Ratched’s cue, an alarm is set off, the nurse with a shot in the dark comes your way.

Nurse Ratched comes from two different spectrums. Coping through the nights with nurse Ratched can be easy, simply don’t give her a problem, talk back, or state a raw point of view. She has no time for chatting differences, nor wishes to hear you ramble. Being calm is best during the long boring nights with nurse Ratched. But what happens when your heart is a concern?

The mighty heart, a true vessel of strength, pumping to keep you alive. Nurse Ratched is not the type that will kill you and tell others it was for the best, that’s another type of nurse called the “Angel of Mercy”. When it comes to the heart, the nurse can slow the heart rate down with medication, a great night of peace for nurse Ratched, but in a good way. This time medication helps, that is if you don’t want to risk a heart attack.

Nurse Ratched simple cares little of others outside of her comfort. She will ask a patient that has been doped up if they are competent enough to release themselves. Some call this ignorance, others call this nurse Ratched. The patient would be released without family members present upon the reading of instructions about the ongoing care of that patient, compliments of nurse Ratched.

Nurse Ratched, an infectious desire to make one forget about the night, and part of the next day. A person, yet many people, nurse Ratched has become. Is it the hospital’s fault to hire such a risk, or to hire her for the cost? Either way, she comes in different forms, stylish ways, or no style at all. The common denominator is when her peace becomes lost, for it is then when she gathers her instruments to quiet down the “disturbance”.

How to handle a “nurse Ratched” is easy with these tips. First, don’t call her nurse Ratched. This doesn’t fall well on your loved one after you leave. Second, if she comes into your room asking if you are alright, simply say “yes” unless the pain is incredible enough for the pain medication. You don’t want to suffer in the process. Third, whatever you do, do not make faces or fingers gestures at her. This is sure to give that nurse the green light on “loading you up”. Fourth, do not call her an angel of mercy, that is if you want mercy from a bad attitude and pain medication. And fifth, don’t tell her that she is bossy, rude, mean, or a Marcus Welby wannabe. No room for name calling. As long as you can follow those simple tips, you will have little or no problem from nurse Ratched, although the fellow next to you may.



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