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Halloween Ice Cube Ideas

Published by Adell Enriguez

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Making ice cubes interesting and different can be fun for the entire family. Halloween ice cubes can be exciting, or just plain weird. It can also make them the talk of any party. There are many different ideas I have used, and everyone loves them.

Hand In The Punch:

Get a surgical glove, one that is not powdered or coated. Wash the glove to be sure there is nothing on it. Now fill with water and freeze. Now, just before you serve your punch. Take the glove out, and cut the glove off. You may want to run a small amount of water over it to remove any latex flavor. Then place into the punch.

You may also want to add food coloring to the water so it can be noticed in the punch. You may want to have a few of these made, in case you will need additional hands for the punch.

Scare Your Guests With Spiders:

Purchase larger plastic spiders. You want them to be large enough for people to notice in there drink. You do not want them to choke on the spider.

Get a small food storage container, and clean well. You do not have to have a lid. Place two or three spiders in the container, then cover with water. Freeze.

When you are ready, run warm water over the bottom of the container, this will allow the ice to be removed easily. Place the ice in your punch. Now watch to see if it scares anyone, when they find a spider in there drink.

Candy Cubes:

This is a fun idea for all drinks. Purchase candy such as; gummy worms, candy corn, or any edible candies. Fill your everyday ice tray 3/4 of the way with water, or any other drink you prefer. Add candy. Your guests will find a great treat in there drink later. It is also fun to use the edible spider for this. You can scare your guests, and you will get a great laugh.

Bloody Head In The Punch:

You will first need a balloon. Fill the balloon with a dark red food coloring. Freeze the Balloon. When you are ready, cut the balloon from the ice. Place the round, bloody appearing ball of ice into your punch. It give the effect of a bloody bald head.

These are just a few fun ideas for ice at your party. You can also shop at your local party stores for ice cubes. They have introduced a large variety of different ice trays, for different occasions. Have fun with it. Just be sure if you will be using items that cannot be consumed, have them large enough for people to notice. This is especially important if children will attend your party.



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