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Halloween Ideas

Published by Agustin Hayth

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Halloween Fun

Halloween is coming up soon all those costumes and decorations candy and fun for the kids, here are some things I have done and they are always a hit.

I took a clear garbage bag put holes in the four corners, lined the hole edges with clear tape like a seam.
made a small slit in the back of the bag opening like a button shirt would be also lined that, child steps into the bag where the holes are puts their arms in the upper holes then filled up the bag with small colored balloons when full I taped the back shut and there stood my little jar of jelly beans. TA DA!

Don’t go spending money on stencils, go on line to any Halloween coloring pages for kids pick out the best faces etc print them out on your printer
take stick pins or whatever works to hold page in place on your pumpkin take a tack or a steak knife and poke poke poke away at the outline of the picture, take it off and carve wow did we do some great ones.

Mashed Potato Ghost:

Take a zip lock bag fill it with cooled down mashed potato’s, cut a tip from the corner of the bag hold over a plate and squeeze it out, starting out by holding the bag in place so the potato’s on the plate start out fat for the base of the ghost and work your way up like a cone would look smaller on the top, make some eyes and mouth out of thick gravy, what a cute idea for the kids.

well thats all for now Ill submit more soon.




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