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Halloween in Southeastern Michigan

Published by Selina Gugliotti

floors are filled with secret doors and eerie sounds, while the elevator sometimes goes from floor to floor, opening costume.The the doors – with no trace of any human inside. Historian and partial owner swears himself that the mansion is haunted. Stop their for a fancy dinner and take a look around – you may find you’re not alone! For more information about the Whitney Mansion, visit www.thewhitney.com

The last Halloween horror fest is a local jem that not many know about. Her name is Scorpiona. A warm hearted woman with fiery red hair, Scorpiona has contact with the deceased and can, at times, see spirits in her home in Taylor. For a smallwww.thewhitney.comThetime cemetary tours and even takes serijem ghost believers in her home for the niScorpionaing them stay in her guest rooms. For more iScorpionan or to get in touch with Scorpiona, visit her website at www.scorpiona.com.

From the very scary to the family friendly, Socemetaryrn Michigan has it all for Halloween fun. And don’t forget good old fashioned carving pumpkins and trick or treating!

More information can be found on www.miScorpionag,

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