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Halloween is Coming. Be Safe!

Published by Bradly Trimm

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A little over two months away comes one of the biggest greatest holidays, Halloween. Now I know, its 2 months away, why start this early about Halloween. Well, Wal-mart does, so I feel so should I. Safety on Halloween has become a number one priority.

Halloween is when little kids dress up and go out to collect candy from house to house. However, Halloween is not a safe as it used to be and you should know all the precautions to keep both your kids and yourself safe this Halloween.

First of, just be sure in the times of excitement that you and your children use common sense. I know they may sound a bit harsh, but you would be surprised at the amount of accidents that could be unavoidable by using plain common sense.

You will want to make sure your child had a safe costume for their fun night out. First make sure every piece is fireproof. I know that it is easier than it sounds with all the cool costumes that are out there this year. Ranging from batman to transformers, but to be safe you will want to pick the safest one, not necessarily the coolest. Make sure that your child can see out of the mask, if your child’s costume has a mask. This is an important one also, because your child needs to be able to look out for both cars and other people.

If your child’s costume involves accessories such as a pitchfork or scythe, make sure nothing is too pointy. You don’t want to accidentally hurt someone with all the rushing going on this Halloween.

Always make sure to go over with your children all the safety measures about crossing the streets. It is very exciting, when Halloween comes around but it is also scary, because not everyone looks before crossing the street and some drivers are not careful about looking before they drive. Accidents happen each, accidents that could be prevented by just looking.

When going from house to house you always want to try to stay within the neighborhoods you know. It is safer to do that. Not like when we were little and could go all over the neighborhood. It’s a harsh world out there; therefore sticking to a safety net on Halloween should be your basic plan. Many churches and other organizations throw Halloween parties, so that might be something you would find interesting to go to and it would be a whole lot safer.

If your kids love to help out with cutting the pumpkin, then buy them the little carving kits. Use the knife to cut the top, but let your child cut out the eyes. Be sure to keep a close eye on your younger children while they cut with the carving tools that come with the kit.

These are just simple steps to protect your children, there is not way to keep the perfectly safe unless you keep them home. So use wise judgment when taking your kids out this Halloween. Be sa



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