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Halloween Landscaping Tips

Published by Carlie Gavigan

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During the spring and summer months, the landscaping of many homes are bright and colorful. Unfortunately, fall can change the look of landscaping quite a bit. Flowers die, planters are emptied, and landscaping simply becomes boring. It doesn’t have to though. There are a number of ways to give home landscaping an update for Halloween.

Window boxes and railing planters are easy to give a Halloween theme. All that’s needed are thin twigs spray painted black, spider webs, and plastic spiders. Thin twigs are usually easy to find around the yard and they can be bunched up and allowed to overflow from the boxes and planters. This Halloween landscaping tip is easy, fun, and festive. Not to mention that it’s extremely inexpensive. The twigs are free, a can of black spray paint costs $1, and spider webs and plastic spiders can be found at dollar stores.

Dead flower beds are wonderful for Halloween landscaping. These areas can be turned into mini graveyards. Plastic tombstones, skeletons, and even fresh mounds of dirt can be used to create an eerie space. Again, this is an extremely easy and inexpensive way to do Halloween landscaping. Plastic tombstones and skeletons cost less than $20, depending on size. Fresh dirt can also be purchased for around $3 per bag.

Evergreens can be decorated Halloween landscaping. Halloween lights or spider webs are an easy way to decorate evergreens. Plastic decorations, such as bats or skeletons, can also be hung on evergreens. Just make sure it’s not something that will damage the plants.

Last, but not least, Halloween landscaping can even be carried over to the trees. Large hanging decorations are perfect for tree limbs. There are a number of different items to choose from as well. Reapers, skeletons, and even witches can be purchased in large scale. The price will depend on the size and quality of the item.

Halloween landscaping can be fun and super affordable. Best of all, it makes a yard look good, even in the fall. Take advantage of empty planters by making them festive. Turn dead flower beds into spooky graveyards. Perk up evergreens with lights and spiders webs and use bare tree limbs to hang larger decorations. Before you know, your dead looking fall yard will become a festive place perfect for trick-or-treaters with great Halloween landscaping. Best of all, many of these decorations can be used for many years to come.



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