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Halloween Memory

Published by Cayla Brokaw

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Halloween was a difficult time for me as a child. I was shy and quiet. We never had store bought costumes. We had to make our own. My Mother dressed me like a geisha girl one year and I was really self-conscious. I didn’t like attention and I always hung back while the other kids bounded up the steps for candy.

When we went to houses, most of the mothers looked like Leave it to Beaver’s mom. They had house dresses on with aprons. A lot of our treats were homemade. Popcorn balls, brownies, cookies and an occasional penny were dropped into our bag. An occasional Snickers bar was devoured before we got home.

As I followed the kids from house to house, a large witch joined our group. She cackled, and jumped and as she came closer to me, I ran into the front of the group of kids and eventually was knocking on doors. The witch never touched me or talked to me. She just followed along, laughing now and then.

Who is this person, I thought? No adult had ever dressed up in my neighborhood. Everyone knew everyone. We skipped from house to house on our road and eventually came to my Aunt and Uncle’s house. The witch knocked on the door. My Uncle opened it and the witch said, “come on in everyone”. Then I realized that the silly witch was my silly Aunt. She had made my Halloween fun and for a short time I hadn’t felt self-conscious.

She didn’t come to help me that night. She had two sons that were part of the group. She was a fun loving Mom just out to watch over all of us that Halloween. She was the first adult that ever dressed up in our neighborhood. How times have changed!



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