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Halloween Music…For Free

Published by Veta Kannady

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Do you need some Halloween music to liven up that party or gathering you are going to host? Well, then I’ve got some great Halloween music online that is perfect for when you feel like saving some money. Here is the best free Halloween music on the web:


This site features some excellent songs for the younger crowd including “Things that go bump in the night” and “Vampire disco”. Kids will enjoy this selection of Halloween songs that are not too scary and downloads are free.


Excellent scary sounds and sound effects that are perfect for those creepy Halloween haunted houses can be found here. From ghosts to witch cackles and eerie footsteps, this site has it covered.


One of the best sites to stream music for Halloween would have to be this site. Registration is not necessary unless you would like this website to remember the stations you create. Just input a song like Monster Mash and this site will play some great adult party music for free.


More spooky sounds and a few scary songs can be found here at this site that boasts three pages of Halloween sounds for free. Just right click and save to your PC.


If you like instrumental versions of Halloween songs, this will be the place for you to download songs like Thriller by Michael Jackson and the theme song to the Addams Family. This site also has lots of other Halloween goodies to check out.


Ghostbusters, Dracula and Beetle juice are some of the great instrumental songs you will find on this website. Creepy sounds can also be found here for a great addition to any spooky Halloween scene.


Songs galore can be found along with lots of other tips to make your Halloween party the best ever. Streams right to your Windows Media player for easy playing from your computer.



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