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Halloween Music: Greatest and Scariest

Published by Darius Wieser

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In No Particular Order…

  1. Thriller-By Michael Jackson- A song which explores the thrills which occur in the night. A couple is walking in the night and come across scary creatures that are out to get them. Michael is telling the lady he will protect her from the thrills in the night, but does he? Great sound effects and Vincent Price does a great echoing laugh at the end.
  2. Addams Family Theme- By Vic Mizzy- Known for its finger snaps, this television theme song is known around the world. The words describe a spooky family that lives in a museum.
  3. Igor’s Party- By Tony & The Monstrosities- Slow mellow tempo. Lead singer has a great voice which complements the music. Igor is having a party and a lot of spooky guests are invited and up to no good.
  4. Monster Mash- By Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett & The Cryptkickers- Great dance song for Halloween time. Another party scene where the creatures are running the show. One of the most famous Halloween songs ever.
  5. Halloween (Michael Meyers) Theme Song-By John Carpenter-Scary movies have the best music. Michael Meyers has the best theme ever. Clever piano arrangement which will scare you, after you here the theme, you already know what is coming next.
  6. Somebody’s Watching Me- By Rockwell featuring Michael Jackson- Especially if you live alone, feeling like someone is always watching you will definitely give you the creeps. Excellent Halloween song.
  7. Ghostbusters Theme Song (Recorded by Ray Parker Jr.)- Another movie theme song. Good movie, good song. The song is filled with catch phrases like “Who you gonna call”, and “I ain’t afraid of no ghost”. Not as scary as most but good concept overall.
  8. Purple People Eater -By Sheb Wooley- One-eyed, one-horned, flying purple people eater. It is a mouthful but I guarantee if you see one of these in person you will run the other way fast. Comical twist on this monster.
  9. Hush Hush Here Comes the Boogie Man- by Henry Hall- Let’s face it, the Boogie Man is famous. Kids are terrified of him and if you listen to the words of this you will know why. This might just be where the Boogie Man got his start.
  10. She’s Fallen in Love with a Monster- By Screaming Lord Sutch- A love story gone wrong because of a monster. With a special twist at the end. It all started in the movie theater.




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