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Halloween Night Vehicle Security Tips

Published by Jc Rawling

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Ok, I’ll admit it. I was one of those kids the neighborhood feared on Halloween. Not because I was dressed in some ghoulish costume with fake blood oozing from my orifices. No, I was feared because I was one of those kids who set out trick-or-treating with more than just my plastic, orange pumpkin; I was also armed with eggs, bar soap and rolls of toilet paper. It’s from my own mischievous deeds as a youngster that I offer these vehicle safety tips to you for this coming Halloween.

1. Park as far off the street as possible

The easier it is for one of those Halloween pranksters to access your vehicle the more likely your car will be targeted. If this means parking at a neighbor’s house and walking home, it’s worth it.

2. Don’t leave the car windows down

Seems logical, but many people do in their haste to get inside and get that big, bowl of candy ready for the tricksters, I mean the trick-or-treaters.

3. Lock the car doors

And, I mean all of them. As obvious as this is also, many people don’t give locking the car doors a second thought. If they’re going to target your car, don’t make it easy for them.

4. Empty the bed of your truck

Its open season on whatever you leave in there.

5. If you own a motorcycle it needs to be garaged or brought into your living room. One advantage to owning a car is pranksters don’t have access to the engine compartment. This isn’t so with a motorcycle. If you want to save your engine from being inundated with eggs, do whatever you need too in order to remove it from sight.

6. Don’t leave valuables in plain sight

Not all Halloween pranksters are looking for a little innocent fun. Some have graduated to the big leagues and are on the look out for valuables; your valuables. Don’t leave anything of value in plain sight. That goes for anything that might look valuable as well, even if it isn’t.

7. Park in a well lit area

This will drastically reduces the chances your car will become the object of any funny business on Halloween night.

8.Invest in a locking gas cap

There’s no telling what might end up in your gas tank if they have access to it.

9. If you have a car alarm, turn it on. Need I say more?

Happy Halloween!

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