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Halloween Not-so Horror Nights

Published by Toshia Dubon

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A Night of Fear. Not so Much

Lady Luck is here, and the commercials suggest you better run! It is that time again. Halloween is right around the corner which means Universal is now preparing for Halloween Horror nights 21. The event will open at the end of this month and run through Halloween. You will hear the fear all around you. It will present itself on the television commercials, on the radio, and on your Burger King cup. Sounds exciting right? I was one of them. Yes, the sucker that would hear the commercials and would begin shaking in my boots with the shattering teeth. I could not wait to purchase my tickets and experience Halloween Horror nights, but this year that shall change. I am holding onto my bucks!

Last year I decided to spend an excessive amount of money on Halloween Horror nights; but not this year. I am one who is easily scared and frightened beyond belief, and I believe I could never handle a night at Halloween Horror nights. After last year my perspective changed, and they have lost me as a customer. You assume when you walk through a Halloween themed theme park, you will shiver and shatter and scream with fright. You assume the following: dark and gloomy haunted houses, figures popping out of every corner, and scary sounds that control your thoughts and make you believe the impossible. That is the usual schema that is in one’s mind. What I experienced is as follows: haunted houses with lighting which allowed you to see the “creatures” run into their secret hiding spot, lit hiding spots which made me say “there he is” which completely destroys the ability to be scared, a scare zone which allowed me to walk through as if nothing was going on (hello! Where are the monsters and demons and the crazies with the chain saws?). Instead I found myself spending an excessive amount of “Liquid Fear” in the snazzy light up cup. That seemed to amuse me way more than the theme park. With that being said, I will save my money and make my own Halloween because clearly Halloween Horror nights is losing its’ touch.

Throughout the park there are individuals with a clip board, which clearly means they are doing surveys. Aside from that, you get an email survey asking your thoughts on the theme park, and they got a piece of my mind. Halloween Horror nights is meant to be scary! Friends who previously went many years back mentioned it was beyond frightening, and somehow something changed. This change led me to believe that people simply could not handle the fear and had a load of complaints. I guess Universal Studios truly listens to their customers (talk about amazing customer service), and toned down the level of fear. Okay I get it. Great customer service, but it is meant to be a frightening night. If you cannot handle it, don’t go! Come on! Don’t ruin it for the rest of us that want to shatter, shake, and perhaps have a bladder malfunction because of the fear.

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