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Halloween or All Hallow’s Eve

Published by Denis Ciaccio

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Taking Back What the Enemy Has Stolen by Resting in God

I wrote an essay earlier, on staying in God’s rest. Then I had an encounter with someone and the Lord showed me how, when we get into worrying and finger pointing, splitting hairs and contention and strife over things that shouldn’t even matter to us, we’re allowing the things of this world to pull us out of His rest. This is a perfect example to consider of what it means to stay in God’s rest-to rest in God.

I had an encounter with someone today. He brought up Halloween-actually, the Lord brought up the Easter bunny and the guy stepped right in to split hairs, talking about how did that tradition get started and then brought up Halloween, and the Lord loosed my tongue.

Halloween is the “hook.” It’s merely another distraction to blind side us. Satan, the accuser, has us down here splitting hairs and pointing fingers at each other. He’s getting his way and laughing his blooming behind off because now we’re doing the very same thing he is. He’s up in Heaven accusing us, and we’re down here accusing each other. 2016 years and we’re still not getting it. The Bible tells us that the sacrifices of Pagans are offered to demons and not to God. (1 Cor. 10:20) But it also tells us that all things are ours and that He has put everything under His feet. (1 cor. 3:21-23 and 1 Cor. 15:27) Furthermore, we are supposed to take back what the enemy steals. We are also supposed to make the most of every opportunity because the days are evil (Eph. 15:13) and live such good lives the Pagans will give glory to God on that day because they see our good deeds. (1 Peter 2:11) Wouldn’t living good lives include rejoicing in the Lord and His goodness and mercy? Wouldn’t living good lives include celebrating the God we serve and the One who loves us so much that He died for us-and for them?

Here’s something you may not have thought about. Satan now has mortality-not in the sense that he is flesh and bone. But, when Jesus died we got Jesus’ immortality, and anyone who believes in Christ Jesus and is saved, has eternal life. Satan is going to die in the Lake of Fire; he’s going to be destroyed…so, when Jesus died on the cross, He put death back on him. Isaiah 51:12 asks “Who are you that you fear mortal men, the sons of mortal men, who are but grass, that you forget the LORD your Maker?”

Put on Biblical heroes costumes and go out and bless people in the name of Jesus. Satan does everything the opposite or counterfeit to God’s Way. Celebrate life that Jesus died for us to have! Satan is under our feet! Dance for joy unto the Lord! It is All Hallow’s Eve-the night before All Saints Day. We are to celebrate the Saints and celebrate our promise of eternal life in Christ Jesus. Yet, we want to split hairs over stuff that we shouldn’t even be concerned with. That is not taking back what the enemy has stolen, but rather, it’s playing right into the enemy’s hand. It’s not about Satan or pagan rooted holidays, or even about you and me. It’s all about Jesus!

If we, the body of Christ, were celebrating Him daily and rejoicing in Him daily, Satan would get so sick of us and so defeated in himself and by our joy and celebration and rejoicing and living in an by the Holy Spirit, he’d pack up his bag of tricks and hightail it right out of here on his own. Furthermore, if any of us believes for one minute that, outside of Jesus we look any better to God than those “ghosts, goblins, witches, devils demons and ghouls, that one is seriously deluded and deceived. Outside of Christ Jesus, we look exactly like them to God.

Personally, I think it would be really cool if every child of God was to walk into church on “Halloween” in one of those costumes and, at the altar of God, at the foot of the Cross where our Jesus was sacrificed for us, strip off those costumes and rejoice in His mercy. Rejoice in His grace. Rejoice in His love! Hallelujah and Amen!! Praise by to the precious Lamb of God for He is worthy! He alone is Worthy!

The Lord has told us, “Don’t worry, scurry and point fingers and split hairs; I gave you rest from that legalism. Celebrate and rejoice in Me, for in Me you have forgiveness of sins. In Me you have healing. In Me you have provision. In Me you have life abundantly. In Me you have eternity. The future is ours! Only remain; stay in His rest.



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