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Halloween Orange Characters

Published by Emanuel Lagrimas

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Trick-or-Treat Treats

Markers, fun foam, pipe cleaners, and other craft supplies

Kids get so excited about what they’ll find in their buckets after trick-or-treating on Halloween night. There are ordinary candies, so-so treats, and then there are the full-size candy bars, and other special treats. Those special ones get gobbled up first, the okay ones go next, and the not-so-great ones are saved for last. But the treats that you give out on Halloween night will definitely make the “eat it now” list. Halloween orange characters are adorable and you can bet your child won’t get duplicates of that Halloween treat!

It’s fun to turn oranges into cute characters before handing them out to trick-or-treaters. Instead of giving a regular orange – which is a great treat in itself – you can give out oranges that look like silly characters or animals. Use common craft supplies to give the oranges hair, mustaches, and other features.

A pipe cleaner makes a cute hairdo for a girl character’s hair. Wrap it around a pencil to curl it from one end to the other. Then, smooth out a place in the very center. Wrap the smoothed area around a toothpick and insert the pick through the top of the orange. Leave the tip of the pick showing so any recipient is aware of it.

Hot glue is non-toxic and can be washed off of the orange upon going home. Use it to attach a paper or foam mustache, sequin earrings, a tiny button nose, or other features. You can also use a marker to make eyes, lips, mustaches, and other facial features. Hair can be made of pipe cleaners, strands of yarn, or tiny pom-poms.

The orange characters don’t necessarily have to be given out to trick-or-treaters. They make wonderful party favors, mantel sitters, table accents, and other decorations. Give them out to your visitors as they leave the party or just let your family eat them when the party is over.

There are many different characters that you can make by drawing on the orange, and then giving it coordinating accents from craft supplies. Look at a cartoon picture of a dog, a kitten, a frog, or another thing, and draw a face that is similar to it. Then, add the craft supplies needed to make the animal or person look more convincing. You’ll laugh so hard as you make the orange characters but no one will laugh harder than one of the recipients.



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