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Halloween Parties for Toddlers

Published by Erinn Creeks

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Halloween parties for toddlers don’t have to be complicated and overly done. Simple and fun is the name of the game. If the Mom host is relaxed. comfortable and prepared all should be well with the children.

*The host provides the costumes
Simple hats that can be made or purchased ahead of time. This saves the parents time and ends the hassle of keeping costumes clean and put together during the party. It may be a good idea to make all the hats the same and have extra. That ends all fighting. If a child does not want to wear the hat, this is a good time to push no issues.

*Keep the group small
Keep the number of guests to size that can be easily managed and supervised. Many suggest that even numbers are better in case they can work or play in pairs. It may be helpful. Unless the host is used to running a day care a group of four or five is a fairly safe bet.

*Play a game
Even toddlers don’t enjoy losing games. So play games where everyone is a winner. It is best to keep the games short as the attention span of toddlers is short as well. Often one game is enough. However, everyone likes choices so lets look a couple games that may work for toddlers.

  1. I Spy the Ghost
    Make ghosts out of suckers. Simply use a paper towel or napkin and tie around the stick. A sharpie marker is great to draw the face. With older children flowing tissue paper would be a good choice, but toddler need something sturdy to spot and hold on to. Place many ghosts about and let the children find them and put them in the witch’s cauldron. All of the ghosts are put in the same place and everyone is a winner.
  2. Do the Monster Mash
    Play the music and everyone dances and when the music stops everyone freezes. Chances are if any of the toddlers go to daycare they are familiar with this kind of freeze game. An adult to move like a monster with a remote to keep stopping the music is a good way to promote participation.
  3. Pass the Pumpkin
    This one is a little tricky because when some toddlers get the pumpkin, they don’t want to pass it to the next child. There is no winner or loser the pumpkin stops when the music stops and everyone makes a scary sound. The music begins and the pumpkin starts moving.

*Craft a Halloween Bag
Again, keep it simple. Have some small paper lunch bags, crayons and stickers. Print their names on before they get started so they can keep them straight. It is a good idea to write it on the inside as well in case they sticker or color over the original.

*Trick or Treat Parade
Set up a trick or treat parade where they make several stops and put some healthy treats and some fun treats in their newly crafted bags. Use the ghosts that they spied. Pick up some single servings of apple slices and carrots to put at some of the trick or treat stations. The children learn to say ” trick to treat” in a safe and fun environment.



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