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Halloween Party Activities for Younger Children

Published by Esperanza Derosa

Halloween party can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a lot of work. Choosing diverse activities that will be not only age appropriate, but fun can get tricky. However, there are a few Halloween party activities that are loved by many children. While some may be time tested classics, some are new. Regardless, there are a few class Halloween party activities that many elementary school children will love.

Playing a simple game of “what could this be”, was a hit with my sons first grade class. This game is simple to play and is somewhat educational. Select objects of different textures and feel, do not let the children see what this is. They have to guess what type of gory item it could be. One of the absolute favorites among many of these classes was the cooked spaghetti and gummy worms. Think slimy, just have fun with it.

Do you remember the game of old Tom Cat? Well, it’s changed quite a bit over the years. A similar game, called old Black Cat has more of a Halloween theme. The children sit in a circle and one child gets to be the old black cat. The child must go around meowing at every other child in the circle while they pay his/her head and say good black cat. The child who laughs is then the old black cat. This game is especially popular among preschool and kindergarten classes.

Another great Halloween party activity for the class room is to have a costume party. Allow the children to vote on who has the scariest, funniest, or prettiest costume. This Halloween party activity can be fun for the older kids as well. Who doesn’t love a costume party?

Have a scary story reading at the class Halloween party. Dim the lights and allow each child to read part of a scary story. If you want to be a little more creative, start a story and let each child add to it. This makes for good fun and a great learning experience, all in one. You would be surprised at just how creative children can be.

An all time favorite class Halloween party activities is the beloved scavenger hunt. Divide children into groups and let them search for objects that are Halloween themed. This could be plastic spiders, a small pumpkin, whatever is feasible for the space. This activity is a lot of fun.

The majority of these class Halloween party activities are suitable for the smaller children. Keep in mind though, older children will still enjoy many of these activities. The key to have a successful class Halloween party is to make it fun and keep it scary!

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