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Halloween Party Done Right: Fun and Easy Event for Young and Old Alike

Published by Kira Bloom

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Halloween can be a fun and exciting time for adults and children alike. However, in our house the highlight of Halloween is our annual Halloween party for our friends and family. We employ all kinds of tricks and treats to make the night a night of fun and surprises for all of our guests. We use all kinds of Halloween decorations throughout our house, for a fun and festive atmosphere. This type of atmosphere, paired with quick and creative Halloween snacks make a wonderfully fun way to pass a great afternoon with friends and family alike.

A cheap and fun way to dress up your front lawn for the Holiday is to create a mock graveyard. You can achieve this look with foam cutouts, painted gray, and for an especially spooky touch, paint the names of guests on the headstones with black paint. Have fun with your “graveyard” attaching stretched cotton for cobwebs, maybe stuff an old pair of overalls and shirt. Then lay your “headless” person out on the ground to be discovered by the group. I love to take fake hands and feet, and place them as if they are body parts escaping the grave. Then we do a candlelight tour with the little ones after dark. Of course, we always hide a few ghouls along the way for added squeals of delight.

When they head into the main party area, which for us is the garage, make sure someone in costume greets them. This always adds to the festive and spooky feeling of the party, especially if there are going to be children in the group. Make fun and festive snacks for all to enjoy. Along with the normal chips and coke, add in a smoldering, smoky punch concoction in a cheap crock for all to enjoy. Hang a sign on it that says “Witches Brew”. You can make a great green punch with one package lime jello, one large bottle white grape juice, one container frozen lemonade, and one two liter Sprite. This bright green “potion” is sure to delight young and old alike. Make some frozen hands out of cherry kool-aid, with added gummy worms or plastic spiders for an extra creepy effect. Top off the party list with boiled octopus, made from hotdogs with the ends split into eight “tentacles” for a ghoulish feast. Don’t forget to fill your CD player with lots of Halloween classics such as the Monster Mash.

It can be quick and easy to hostess the best Halloween party for miles around. Enjoy this Holiday in ways sure to delight young and old alike, and throw in some flavorful Halloween touches to make it memorable for all! Don’t forget to take a candlelight tour of your own private “graveyard” to add a squealing good time for all!



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