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Halloween Party Drinks

Published by Ernesto Fabroquez

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Festive Cocktails for a Halloween Party

Plan your Halloween party drink menu in advance so you can offer some cool spooky drinks to your spirited guests.

Ghoul Ade

Punch is a must for Halloween party. You can use dark purple Kool-Aid, Tropicana Twister or other dark grape drink, bottles of champagne, and something floating in the punch. Make frozen ‘hands’ by filling surgical/deli gloves with red Kool Aid and freezing. Or, use ice cube trays to freeze gummy worms inside ice cubes that can float in the Ghoul Ade. Look for a large plastic eye ball or spider to float in the bowl also.

Orange Crush

Make a bright orange shot with orange Kool Aid packets mixed into your choice of tequila, Vodka or rum, and a serving straw made from a piece of black licorice.

Boo Bashes

It takes time and practice, but you make a great-looking drink by taking tall clear glasses, melty chocolate chips on the inside of one side of the glass made to look like ghost faces, and something frothy (iced frappaccino, etc) inside with kahlua & Cool Whip. Have the ghost face near the tops of the glasses where the cool whip will be and serve a tray at a time with different styles of ghost faces.

Bloody Scary

The traditional Bloody Mary is already perfect for the theme, but in addition to serving the drink (made from Vodka and tomato juice), spice it up by adding some Old Bay seasoning. Slice olives and freeze them inside ice cubes to look like floating eyeballs in your drinks.

Candy Corn Shots

It will take time, but be adorable at the party. Buy clear plastic shot glasses. You will have to freeze one layer at a time- frozen lemonade for the first layer, orange Kool Aid mixed with Vodka for the middle layer, and Cool Whip on the top when served.

Hell-o Shooters

Clear plastic shot glasses, boxes of Jell-o in orange, lime, grape, and black raspberry, and Vodka will make for a fun, funky Halloween drink treat. Make the Jello as directed on the package, mix in Vodka ‘to taste’, add a gummy worm draped over the edge of each shot, and place on trays in fridge to chill. These will be very popular at the party- so make lots.

Dark Knights

If your party guests are hard core, consider the Dark Knight. Make this layered drink with black vodka, Jagermeister and Red Bull. Start with Red Bull and ice in a highball glass, then layer shots of black vodka and Jagermeister, with the black layer on top. This is a cool Halloween-hued drink that may be more of a trick than a treat…partyers beware!

Halloween Drink Accessories Set up your bar with Halloween in mind. There many cute Halloween beverage napkins available, as well as Halloween-themed stirrers, shot glasses, martini glasses and other bar items custom-made for Halloween. Or, simply purchase plain glow stick ‘bracelets’ (they are flat if you don’t connect them at the ends) and light them up just before the party for a spooktacular drink stirrer.

Your party will be frighteningly fun with some of these spooktacular spirits!

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