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Halloween Party Foods

Published by Eufemia Bartos

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Halloween parties are a great time to make gross-out food. No, not that meatloaf recipe you have that your family hates. I mean food like “brains” or “simple pimples”. These items taste good, but the idea behind them is gross.

One gross Halloween food I have discovered along the way is simply called brains. This is easy to make as well, since it is just boiled pasta. You can add sauce as well. Plain pasta sauce (non-chunky, nothing special added) can be called blood.

I have also heard of some people peeling grapes and calling them eyeballs. However, I don’t think this is entirely practical. Who has the patience to peel grapes? Strained eyeballs may work out better for a Halloween party. Peel hardboiled eggs and cut them lengthwise. Remove the yolks and fill the hole with cream cheese. For the iris and pupil, place a green olive with a pimiento into the cream cheese. A toothpick and red food coloring can be used to draw blood vessels.

Simple pimples can also be a fun snack at your Halloween party. Just core some cherry tomatoes and drain the juice. Then fill them with cream cheese, and squeeze the tomatoes just a bit, so the cream cheese begins to ooze out.

Decayed corpse chips with entrails salsa could be another hit at Halloween. The creator of this recipe uses blue corn chips, because their color somewhat resembles decaying skin, and serves then in a coffin. Red, chunky salsa becomes the entrails. Finding a snack dish that looks like a cauldron might be easier to find than a coffin shaped one.

For a Halloween desert, brownies can be made into tombstones. A mixture of powdered sugar and cocoa powder give a dusty appearance. Tinting vanilla icing with a little bit of black and purple food coloring gives you a medium for writing on the tombstones.

Swamp slime can be another fun Halloween desert. Mix two batches of jello – one lime, one orange. When the lime jello is almost set, add the orange jello. Then add various gummy bugs or gummy worms just before the jello mix hardens.

If you will be serving a beverage in a punch bowl, don’t use boring ice cubes. Use frozen hands! Use rubber gloves (non-powdered) and wash them out first. Then freeze punch in them.

Hopefully this has given you some good ideas for your own Halloween party. If you have your own ideas for Halloween party foods, please share them.



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