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Halloween Party Games and Activities: Pumpkin Stencils and October Crafts for Kids

Published by Flo Kelsey

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Fall is a season full of festive holidays and a time to capture great memories. What better way than to have a child invite a few friends over to celebrate the spirit of Halloween. Some of these ideas also work great in a classroom setting to go along with Fall lesson plans or to have a school Halloween party.

Halloween Games

A party isn’t a party without entertaining activities for the kids. Personal creativity, style and taste can be added for a successful Halloween child’s party.

Pumpkin Bingo

A pumpkin pattern can be cut out from orange and black construction paper. For something easier, the construction paper can be used without the cutout. Draw a bingo board and use clipart or hand drawings (Halloween themed) for each square. For something easier, visit DLTK’s Halloween Activity page. Print out the Bingo Sheets and past to a pumpkin pattern or just use them by themselves.

Candy corn or candy pumpkins are great for “bingo chips” for the kids to place on his or her square when it is called.

Bob for Apples

This classic Halloween game never goes out of style. A large plastic bin can be used to fill up with water with apples for bobbing. Remember, no hands allowed! If a plastic tub or bin is unavailable try:

Eat Messy Ghosts

Like bobbing for apples, kids cannot use their hands. String and powdered donuts are needed, as well as something long (like a pvc pipe or stick) to tie them on. Tie enough strings for each child around the pole and then gently tie a donut to the end. Two adults hold up the pole and each child is given a hanging donut. It’s then a race to see who can eat their “ghost” the fastest without using hands.

Guessing Games

Have a prize for whoever guesses the correct weight of the pumpkin, or: have a jar packed full of candy corns (the candy should be counted so the correct answer is known). Whoever guesses the closest to the correct answer gets to take home the jar.

Halloween Crafts and Activities

There are lots of Halloween craft ideas out there, these are just a few to keep kids occupied and seated. Visit MakingFriends.com for more Halloween Craft ideas.

Decorate Pumpkins

An all time favorite for kids is decorating their own pumpkin. Provide markers (or paint markers), paint dabbers, regular Crayola paint and paint brushes. Encourage the kids to make a face or decorate however they want. The extra plus is they get to take them home as part of their party favors!

Carve Pumpkins

For older kids, use free pumpkin stencils and let the carving begin. Or, to keep it simple, the free pumpkin stencils can be printed out and can go home in the kids’ treat bags.

Decorate Halloween Cookies

Have Halloween shaped cookies already baked and ready for icing and sprinkles! Offer as much to the kids as parents want, whether it be several colored tubes of gel icing so they can get really detailed, or regular white frosting (separate and use food coloring to offer different colors instead of purchasing several different containers). When finished, the kids can devour their masterpieces with a glass of spooky punch!

Whether it’s costume contests or coloring Halloween printables, scavenger hunts or charades, help make a kid’s Halloween party a hit by offering lots of entertaining activities.

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