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Halloween Party Games for Kids

Published by Gregory Rabal

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Halloween is here! Well, almost anyway. Stores are rearranging their merchandise and bringing out everything that’s Halloween. Pretty soon we’ll all be planning parties for our kids, whether it’s a school party or something for the family. So, I thought I would share a few simple ideas for fun kids games. Enjoy!

First one is called Crazy Costumes. If you’re having a big gathering with lots of kids in costume, this one is really fun. First, divide your kids into two groups. Have one group leave the room and have an adult help some of them to trade parts of their costume with someone else. When finished, bring them back in the room and have the other group of kids try to guess which kids traded costumes. Give one point for each correct guess. Then let the other group leave the room and trade costumes. Keep taking turns with each group until one of them reaches fifteen (you can make it more or less than fifteen, depending on how long you want the game to last).

Second one is called Pin The Face On The Pumpkin. Take a large piece of poster board and cut out a big pumpkin shape. Then color it to make it look like a pumpkin. Use the left over pieces of poster board to make eyes, noses, mouths, ears, hair, etc. Color these too and make as many of them as you want (the more you have, the funnier the face). Remember to make them all different. Hang your pumpkin up where it will be easily reached by the kids. Then let them all pick out a different facial piece to add to the pumpkin. Place a small piece of tape to the back of each child’s facial piece. Have the children line up and then blindfold the kid that is first in line. Spin them around four or five times and stop them so they are facing the pumpkin. Have them walk forward to where they think the pumpkin is and see if they can pin the part in the right place. When they’re done, have them remove the blindfold and then get back in line. Repeat this until all kids have had a turn. Then you can take all the pieces off and play again.

Third one is called Witch, Witch, Ghost. Have all the children sit in a circle ( make more than one circle if you have a lot of kids). Then pick one of them to start th game. This child will be the ghost. Have them stand behind the other children and slowly walk around the circle. While he/she is doing this, have them touch each of the other children on the head and say ” witch”. Have them do this until they get to the child they want to take their place. When they get to the child they want, have them say “ghost”. Then that child will have to get up and chase the first one around the circle. The first child has to try and get back into the spot that the second child was just in. If the first child makes it, it is then the second child is now it and has to do the same thing the first one did. This one can be played for as long as you want.

Fourth one is called Who’s The Ghost? Divide the children into two groups (this one is really fun to do boys against girls). Take one group out of the room and decide who they want to be the ghost. Cover that child with a large white sheet (make sure it covers them completely). Have an adult help guide them back into the room and let the other group try to guess who the ghost is. Give one point if they guess it right. Then switch and let the other group have a turn. Keep playing until you reach ten or until everyone has had a turn being the ghost.

Fifth one is a Scavenger Hunt. This one is best played outside right before dark. Ahead of time you will need to have an idea of where you are going to have the children hunt so you can make up clues for them to find. Cut out five or six pumpkin shapes out of orange paper. Write a different clue on each one that will lead the children to the next clue. Remember to make the clues simple and easy to understand. Make sure to put the clue in places the are within a child’s reach (don’t have them climbing up on things to get the next clue). You can make all the children race to find the same clues or make different sets for each group to follow. Split children up into teams of two or three and read them their first clue. Then count to three and let them race to their next clue. It’s a good idea to have a couple of adults around that can help the children if they have trouble guessing where their clue is. This game can be ended two ways. Whichever team gets all their clues first wins or have the very last clue for each team be the same and lead them to a big surprise like a cake, cookies, pumpkin filled with toys, etc.



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