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Halloween Party Games for Kids

Published by Georgann Pace

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Halloween can be a fun holiday. It can also be a very dangerous holiday. Many parents are opting out on the usual Trick and Treat traditions and planning their own Halloween parties for their kids and their friends to attend.

These parties are safer. The parents do not have to fear about poison, razor blades or any other horrible things being put into the candy. Plus, the kids can have fun playing games and being inside a nice warm house, instead of running outside in various temperatures and climate conditions.

Of course, candy and the treats are a big thing at any Halloween party. We all know that candy and sugar is the main ingredient of Halloween.

Yet, it isn’t the only ingredient for a fun Halloween. To have a fun Halloween, one also needs: laughter, excitement, games, and maybe even a bit of good time fear.

You can fulfill all of these needs by hosting a party filled with not only candy, but games.

Here area few games you might want to suggest to your guests:

Scary story hunt:

You will need more than 2 players. These players must be active.

Write or copy a scary story (you can find tons of them right here on the net). Cut the story up in little pieces. Scatter these pieces throughout the house. Make sure you know the number of pieces. Tell the guests that they need to find X amount of pieces of paper. Then they have to form the slips of paper back into the original order to remake the story. To make the game even more fun and filled with more laughter, place the pieces in weird places or in weird things. Example, put one in a vial. Place the vial in a puddle of what appears to be blood.

Pumpkin Leg toss

You need 6 players and one small pumpkin.

Object; Toss the pumpkin with your legs, not your hands.

Have the participants lie on their backs next to each other on the floor. The second players feet will be at the first player’s head, etc, down the line. Player one tries to bounce the ball with his/her legs to players two legs, etc.

And here are a couple of games for the smaller kids:

Guess the ghost

Divide the kids in groups of two

Take a sheet and cover a child up from group one. Tell him/her to be quiet and then have him/her join group two. Have group two guess who the ghost is. Count how many guesses until they guess correct.

Do the same with group two.

The group that guess first, with the least amount of guests wins. If they tie, both groups wins.

Halloween Freeze Dance

Play some creepy Halloween Music.

Concept. Children dance. Music will stop. Children must freeze. Any child moving once music stops is eliminated from the contest. Game continues until last child is standing.

Of course, there is always the traditional dress up contests, too. You know the ones:


Best dressed



Most Creative

No, Halloween would be complete without those contests, as well.

But no matter what games you play, remember to throw a great Halloween party you need: a great group of people, some great food and candy, creepy music, fun decorations and a great attitude.



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