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Halloween Party Games Great for Children

Published by Jeanmarie Tushoski

Halloween candy and more. Let the children look at it for 1 minute. Then you take the tray away and remove one item or move one item around (whichever way you think is most fun). See if they can figure out was removed or moved. First child to get it right three times wins a Halloween treat. This takes some brain power but kids seem to enjoy it. Some kids are really good at this.

Halloween is very mysterious just like this game.

Nose on The Witch

This is much like pin the tail on the donkey. Draw a witch or find a cardboard picture of a witch. Cut out the nose. On pieces of paper let the children draw what they believe the nose should look like. That alone can be precious.

Then put double sided tape on their pictures.

Blindfold and spin a child around. Guide them towards the witch and let them place the nose where they think it should be. Each kid will know which nose was theirs. The closest to the right spot wins. You can also give a prize to the child that drew the best witch’s nose.

Bobbing for Candy

You heard right. This one is called Bobbing for Candy. It is similar to bobbing for apples but better for the smaller ones.

Put jellied candy slices or jelly beans in a huge bowl of confectioner’s sugar. Be sure each participant has an apron and there is something safe on the ground as this makes a mess.

Another way to play this is, you can give each their own cereal bowl and see who comes out with a piece first. I like each having their own bowl as it keeps germs from spreading.

Make sure the kids use only their teeth or they are disqualified. Hands can be tied around their back.

Whoever gets the candy in the fastest time wins.

Keep cameras handy as their faces will be a mess and quite cute. A wash cloth will also be needed.

If you decide you would rather bob for apples, try putting them on a string across a room rather than in a bowl of water. It is much less messy. And everyone can play at the same time.

These are some of the best children’s Halloweens games I’ve found. Give them a test and enjoy!

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