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Halloween Party Gift Ideas

Published by Harmony Fulwiler

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Halloween is around the corner and so is the planning of spooky holiday parties. Many party hosts like to spice up their Halloween parties by allowing their guests to participate in holiday orientated games. These types of games can be loads of fun for guests of all ages and allows everyone to mingle. Halloween games are even more fun when there is a prize for the winner. Bring out your guests competitive side by supplying Halloween party gifts for the winners.

Halloween Party Gift Ideas – Spooky Treat Basket

One of the most delicious Halloween gift ideas for a party is a basket of goodies. For a kid’s party, fill up a plastic glove or Halloween oriented sandwich baggies with treats. For an adult party, purchase plastic pumpkins at the dollar store and fill them. Deciding what to put in your treat baskets is up to you. You can purchase Halloween candy or simply bake mouth watering cookies. If you go down the cookie route, be sure to place a stack of cookies in a plastic baggie and seal it tight with orange and black ribbons.

Halloween Party Gift Ideas – Bug Plate

This next Halloween party gift is creepy and tasty, especially for a children’s party. Purchase a plastic Halloween plate from your local dollar store, as well as gummy bugs and creepy crawlers. Next, place the bugs around the plate and you can add extra details such as spiders using a tube of frosting. This is just a fun gift that most kids will love to eat.

Halloween Party Gift Ideas – Cauldron of Toys

An inexpensive gift idea for Halloween is a cauldron of toys. This can be used as prizes for a Halloween game or as a take home treat for the little guests at the party. Purchase small black cauldrons form your local dollar store. Next, purchase packages of small Halloween toys. Many holiday stores will sell these types of small toys in bundles so you can save money. Put some black and orange grass on the bottom of the cauldron and fill the rest up with a variety of toys.

Halloween Party Gift Ideas – Conclusion

When throwing a Halloween party, it is important to be prepared and have an array of fun activities and games for your guests. Holiday games can be even more fun when you are attempting to win a prize. Take some of the fun Halloween gift ideas and switch them up to your liking. The main objective is to have a happy Halloween!



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