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Halloween Party Ideas

Published by Ailene Frezza

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Halloween is a traditional holiday which has turned into one of the most entertaining nights of the year. Halloween

is believed to originate from a Celtic festival which symbolised the end of the lighter half of the year and the

beginning of the darker half, and is now regarded as a time for wearing costumes, trick or treating and scaring your friends as much as you can. So grab the pumpkins, cotton cobwebs and the fake blood and turn off the lights and prepare to give your guests the fright of their lives.

Here are some classic Halloween costume ideas:


Y’arr mateys. The traditional pirates were violent, villainous killers and so the perfect disguise for All Hallows Eve. Think Pirates of the Caribbean’s Captain Jack Sparrow donning a head bandana, baggy, ripped clothes, swashbuckling boots and of course, a sword at hand. Throw an eye patch into the mix too for added nautical authenticity.


Think Dracula not R-Patz. Today’s society seem to have forgotten that vampires are blood-thirsty monsters and not romantic heroes so why not remind them. Black capes, fake blood around the mouth, plastic vampire teeth and a fake pet bat all scream vampire and a pretend Transylvanian accent of “I vant to suck your blood” fame would also go down well.


For the ‘peaky’ look, get some white face paint, white hair spray, white clothes… you get the idea. Blacked out eyes will add to the deathly feel and the odd groan here and there wouldn’t go amiss either. Of course, the classic sheet with eyeholes gag would work too for the token, lazy or last minute costume.


Hocus Pocus is a key element to Halloween and so dressing as a witch will always go down well. Black or purple colour schemes and a pointy hat will do and you could add a few cobwebs to your hair for realism or shorten the dress for added sex appeal. Of Course, Harry Potter’s Hermione Granger wearing the original Hogwarts uniform would work just as well.

Something completely random

Lady Gaga? Mickey Mouse? Spider-Man? Whatever you can come up with. On its own would be fine but to add to the Halloween vibe, you could make them dead and add a bullet wound or an axe in the head. Be creative and let your imagination shine.

Halloween party activities

  • Apple bobbing: A classic that is a lot more fun than it looks. Not the best idea for those in face paint though,however it may add to the distorted look.
  • Pin the skull on the skeleton: Or any scary adaptation of the donkey and its tail.
  • Pumpkin carving competitions: The first to do the classic face or perhaps a battle for the most creative image. Not the best game to do after having too many bloody mary’s.
  • Scary story telling: Turn off the lights and scare your listeners with the creepiest, goriest or most shocking tales you can think of.
  • Watch horror films: Not the most original thing to do on Halloween, but this is obviously the best time to watch them. The scarier the better for a screaming, jumping and terrified audience.

Food and Drink for a Halloween Party

Now, you can’t let your party guests go hungry or thirsty, so Halloween-themed food and drinks will go down a treat (or trick). Toffee Apples are a tradition, and pumpkin pies will use up all of your leftover pumpkin entrails from the carving contest. Novelty eyeball, worm and bat candy add to the spooky effect and get creative in the kitchen to produce minced beef brains or cotton candy cobwebs. Creepy cocktails will be very appreciated by your adult guests and in this case, the worse they look, the better!

So there you have it, all the ingredients for the perfect Halloween party. Be warned that your guests may not want to leave alone after this hair-raising night.

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