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Halloween Party Ideas for Tweens

Published by Hector Meroney

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Hosting a Halloween party for your children can be lots of fun with all of the decorating and party planning. The first thing you will want to do is decide what type of party you want it to be. Do you want something scary and spooky or just a regular fun get together with friends? Since it’s Halloween, I think that you should opt for the scary and spooky option because a great Halloween party should be a little scary. Listed below are a few awesome Halloween party ideas.


The first thing you will want to do is decide on a theme for your party. Although it is Halloween and people usually dress up, you may want them to come to your party dressed up a certain way. You can have a graveyard theme, where people come dressed as ghosts or walking dead people, or you may want to do something with witches or vampires. If you need ideas on choosing a theme for your Halloween party, you can check out Party City. This is a store that sells everything that you can possibly think of for your party. Start out by choosing your Halloween plates, napkins, table cloths and decorations, this will help you to decide on a theme for your party.


A great Halloween party should start out with great invitations. Your invitation should indicate whether or not there is a theme for the party or if everyone is expected to wear a costume. If you’re thinking about having a best costume contest, this is something that should be indicated in the invitation, simply stating that there will be a prize for best costume. You can find free printable invitations at www.parentingteens.about.com , they have a huge variety of invitations to choose from. The only thing that you will need to do is select your invitation, print and fold it and pass them out to your friends


Having great decorations will play an important role in the success of your Halloween party. When it comes to decorating for your Halloween party, the decorating should start outside. There are all sorts of Halloween decorations for the front door and the yard, like skeletons that light up or grave yard kits that come complete with rats, skulls, spiders and black roses. For the inside of your home you can decorate with things such as, bloody gauze streamer, glow in the dark hanging spiders, paper skeletons and a scary Halloween shower curtain for the bathroom. To set the mood you can use candles or black, red or green light bulbs. As mentioned above when it comes to throwing a great party, you can find everything you need at Party City. They have Halloween serving platters and bowls for the food along with scary center pieces and bloody table cloths to put on the table.


There are all sorts of fun games that can be played at your Halloween party. Party City has several great games all priced under $7. They have Bingo with a Halloween theme, the game come with 16 player cards and a caller board and markers for the players and caller.

Another great game for your guests to enjoy is Haunted Darts, this dart game can be played by any number of people. It includes a dart board and three Velcro ball darts.

Tangled is another great game that all of your guest will enjoy because it is a Halloween Twister game. This Halloween Twister games includes one spinner board and spider web game mat and the last person standing wins the game.

At Party City you can also find a variety of trophies and ribbons that can be awarded to your guests as they win various games. All of the trophies and ribbons sold at Party City are priced under $5.

Party Favors

Everyone likes a goodie bag, so therefore as you greet your guests at the door, you can present each of them with a goodie bag. Party City sell a large selection of party favors for your teens and all of their friends like High School Musical, that includes a key chain, a small poster and a book mark.

They also have Hannah Montana party favors that include things like treat sacks, activity sheets, stickers, rings a puzzle and a book mark. Another favorite is the Bratz and it include jelly bracelets, game sheets, phone books and puzzles.

Each of these party favors come in a 48ct value pack and makes 8 treat packs and they’re all priced under ten dollars. As you can see, Party City is your one stop shop because you will find everything that you need, from decorations to party favors and so much more. During the Halloween season Party City is offering free shipping on all online orders that are $50 and over. To learn more about this great store and all that it has to offer go to www.partycity.com Enjoy your Halloween party and be safe!



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