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Halloween Party Themes

Published by Lucina Mezera

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Halloween Party Themes

Spice up your Halloween party with some new themes this year. Have creepy crawly things all over your home, spooky music, great decorations, and tons of fun. Let your guests know about the theme before they arrive so if they want to dress to match they can. Have a Halloween costume contest too. Whoever matches your party theme, has the best (or worst) costume, most original, or any kind of categories you want to give prizes for. For prizes you could hand out fake snakes, costume masks, strange hats, or candy. Try to be original with your gifts and pick ones that are not gender based. Here are 5 Halloween party themes for your get-together this year.


Spiders are a great idea for a Halloween themed party. You can hang them from doorways, windows, the ceiling, chairs, front porch, trees, and anything else you can reach. Hand them at different levels so you have some close to the ceiling and some hanging really low. Get paper spiders, draw some, let your kids draw some, buy them, or print them from the Internet and tape them on flat surfaces. Your fridge, walls, television, radio, microwave, heck even the floor could use some spiders. Next, go to your local dollar store and get a bag of fake spider webs. Place the web over your front door or screen door. Put plastic spider rings in the web for people to take off and wear during the party. Hide spiders in your chairs and couch to scare guests. You could complete the décor by wearing a Black Widow or Brown Recluse spider costume.

Body Parts

Now body parts are a great idea this Halloween. Place fake hands, legs, arms, heads, ears, fingers, eyeballs, and other body parts all over your house. Get some washable fake blood and sprinkle it around two or three major body part decorations you have. Hang the body parts in doorjambs and windows that are closed. Put eyeballs in the punch and fingers in the chips. Make Jell-o squares and use candy eyes and bones in the center. Place body parts hanging out your car doors, windows, and trunk. Make your costume at home and be missing your arm, hand, head, or foot. You could even carry your missing appendage around with you or safety pin it in place saying the doctor’s couldn’t reattach it.

Ghosts and Graveyards

Let’s get spooky this year and make our house and yard a graveyard full of ghosts. Make fake tombstones and write your guests name on each one making a little story on how they died and how long they lived. Hang ghosts from trees, ceilings, doors, have some peaking out behind the graves. Use white trash bags, fill the corner of one with newspaper for a ghost head, cut the remaining trash bag at the bottom to make it look like a ghost, draw eyes and a mouth on the head. Place these all over your house. Make small ones and big ones. Make black ones, green ones, and orange ones. Get a large sheet, cut out a hole for your head and arms, paint your face white, spray your hair white, and attend the party as a ghost.


Hit up your local Target, Wal-Mart, and dollar store for everything you can get your hands on with a skeleton on it. Get some glow in the dark skeletons, big paper skeletons, stand up skeletons, skeleton toys, small skeletons, white, black, orange, green, and yellow ones. Tie some together to make skeleton banners or hanging bones. Have bone candy or treats. Put the bones in bowls, and food dishes. Get a large skeleton for the main focus piece. Dress up a skeleton to match your costume and carry it around as your date, partner in crime, latest murder victim, or the mustard to your ketchup.

Mummies and Coffins

You can place the coffins in your yard and have mummies in the house. Have mummies coming out of the coffins. Decorate your fridge with some boxes taped together and a little grey paint to represent a large coffin. Make the drink coolers into smaller coffins. Make your doors into coffins. Have mummies sitting on the couch, taped to the walls, handing from doors, and sitting on the side of your tub. Have a contest to see who can wrap their partners up in toilet paper to represent mummies faster than anyone else. Hand out ace bandages as reward gifts to continue the theme. Try wearing a mummy costume to the party or go as a dead body waiting to be mummified.



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