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Halloween Pizzas

Published by Inocencia Mcgaha

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Ghost Pizza, Pumpkin Pizza, and More!

Halloween at my house is much like Christmas. The entire month is filled with Halloween activities of some sort throughout each day of that month. Either we’re making a craft, dessert, costume, Halloween lunch or some other thing that keeps the kids busy with a festive fall activity that celebrates all things spooky. Halloween pizzas will be on the menu of a few of our fall lunches this October. Some of these ideas seem like fun.

Scary Halloween Pumpkin Face

First, decide on a crust. You could make one from scratch or buy one already made and par-cooked. Once your ready to go with that, spread your sauce and cheese over the entire crust. Then use a couple of triangular cut pieces of tomato for the eyes the nose and the mouth. For the mouth you can place these tomato slices from left to right in a pattern of one of the pointed ends up and then one of the pointed ends down in a straight line or perhaps in a jagged type of line to create a scary type of mouth expression. Then use two green pepper strips for eyebrows that are looking cross and unhappy above your triangular tomato eyes.

Mummy Muffins

Start with some English muffins that you’ve spread tomato sauce over. Ten add strips of mozzarella cheese over the sauce, overlapping the strips of cheese over each other. Leave space in between the cheese strips toward the top of your muffin for two black olive slices that will be the eyes of your mummy.

Pumpkin Pizza

Make a crust from scratch that you can create into a pumpkin shape that includes a stem at the top of your pumpkin. Place some sauce over the stem of your pumpkin to stick some green pepper strips on to create the stem of the pumpkin. Then spread sauce over the entire round portion of your crust. Top with cheese and any other toppings you’d like and your pumpkin pizza is done.

Ghost Pizza

Start again with a crust that you make from scratch, then mold into a ghost shape. Top with your tomato sauce, cheese and preferred toppings. Make an oval eye and mouth shape out of whole black olives to create a scary ghost expression…then bake and eat.

Any of these Halloween pizza creations can be made into “make your own” smaller versions of personal pizzas for each individual to create for themselves.



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