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Halloween Pumpkin Fruit Platter

Published by Adell Enriguez

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Tangerine Jack-O-Lantern

Orange plate
Tangerines, oranges, or tangelos
Blueberries, grapes, strawberries, or other fruits
Celery or silk leaves

When it comes to setting the scene for a celebration, such as a Halloween party, it sometimes doesn’t take as much effort as one might think. For instance, if you were to create a huge plate of goodies for your guests to eat, it could take a lot of time and money to make that happen. But when you make a Halloween pumpkin fruit platter, the investment is little, and the presentation is fabulous. The colors are fall-like, the jack-o-lantern is perfect for a Halloween theme, and your guests can snack on healthy foods instead of a bunch of cakes and candies.

A round, orange plate or platter is a must for making a pumpkin shape. The plate can be disposable or a plate from your cabinet. After you have it, all you have to do is prepare some fruit, and of course, that’s not hard at all.

The body of the pumpkin is orange so use your choice of orange fruits. That includes oranges, tangerines, tangelos, and a few others. Peel the fruit, section it, and lay the sections on a plate. Follow the shape of the outer curve to decide on how to lay the fruits. For instance, turn the rounded edge of the fruit so that it faces the rounded edge of the platter. Cover the entire plate with the tangerines or other fruits.

All of the facial features can be made with the same fruits or you can use different fruits for the mouth than what you use for the eyes and nose. There are many variations. Use blueberries to make triangle-shaped eyes and nose; use strawberry slices to make the mouth. Or, use strawberries to make red eyes and a red mouth but have no nose on the jack-o-lantern. The colors and fruit choices are yours and could include grapes, raspberries, or even raisins.

Move some of the tangerines or other orange fruits so that you create areas where you can form the eyes and mouth. That will keep the features from looking as though they’re bulging away from the face. The tangerine slices can simply be moved to other areas of the plate. Make triangles or other shapes as the eyes and nose. Form a grin with red fruits.

It can be a little challenging to find a food that makes a great stalk without transferring its taste to the fruits. You can cut a nice, fat celery section, and use it, or you can lay a few silk leaves at the top of the pumpkin for a different look. This year’s Halloween party won’t take long to get ready and the guests will have a great time. But when you go to clean up afterward, you’ll notice that the fruit platter is empty, and that’s exactly what you like to see!



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