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Halloween Punch Recipes

Published by Irina Spinoza

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Halloween is around the corner (is that possible?)

The following are two punch recipes that only look gross, but taste great!


You will need:

A punch bowl, obviously. What is fun is to make this in one of those cauldron type pots.

Two bottles bloody mary mix
1 large can tomato juice
1 Pint bottle vodka (plain) (some people like more)

1 plastic glove
five stalks celery, boiled
20 green olives (with pimento in the middle)
10 sprigs of parsley (place in freezer in a zip loc bag).

The day before your get together, fill the plastic glove with water and seal tightly. You can use the hospital type or to make it more gross, use a dishwashing kind in some drastic color. Freeze til solid.

In the cauldron or punchbowl, add all liquids, stir
place the wilty looking celery on top
add the olives (floating eyeballs)
place the now wilted frozen parsley on top
Unwrap (or cut off if you have to) the plastic from plastic glove and place in punchbowl before serving. You can use two if you wish, makes it look nastier. You can add a jalapeno if you like for some bite.

Kids Icky Punch

You can use the above recipe minus the vodka


Two packages Lime Kool Aid
1 carton Minute Maid Limeade
1 Cup powdered sugar
1 or 2 plastic gloves (fill with water and freeze overnight)
10-20 gummy worms candy
About 20 frozen green and red grapes (seedless)
2 two liter bottles of club soda

Again, you can use a cauldron, or just a punch bowl.

Mix the Lime Kool Aid with the Minute Maid Limeade slowly with the powdered sugar.
Add the club soda and ice hand and frozen grapes.
top with gummy worms and serve.

Note, the kids punch recipe can be modified to accommodate adults by simply adding two cups Bicardi Limon Rum, or a pint of vodka.



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