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Halloween Safety: How to Keep Children Safe While Trick-or-Treating

Published by Alisha Fierst

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I have always loved Halloween. Rain or dark, I ran the streets with friends and family. Now it is my turn to see my daughter in her costume.

How am I suppose to keep her safe and let her have a good time? With all the danger of bad candy, kidnappers, and the possibility of mixing her up with another Halloween Princess… I’m a bit worried.

Here are some ideas to keep little ones safe while trick-or-treating:

  1. Take the kids and candy to an inspection stop in the community. If there isn’t one in the area do the inspection yourself. Throw out anything that is not packaged and sealed.
  2. Write your phone number on the bottom of your children’s shoes and make sure they know it is there in case you are separated.
  3. Take small children to to a mall where only small children will be trick-or-treating.
  4. Talk with older kids about not drinking.
  5. Older kids can have fun at roller rink all nighters. They are usually not aloud to until a specific time. They can have blast with friends and you will feel safe knowing they are not roaming the streets and getting into trouble.
  6. Have Fun!

Have a great time because soon the kids will not want mom and dad trick-or-treating with them!



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