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Halloween Safety Tips

Published by Jordan Coria

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How to Trick or Treat Safely

Get ready for another happy Halloween with these safety tips. You want to be sure your children have a safe Halloween with good Halloween memories. Read through these safety tips and go over them with your kids. Here are some things to consider to have a safe happy Halloween experience.

Can the kids walk safely and comfortably in their costumes? When you shop for Halloween costumes look for costumes made of light or bright colored materials so the trick or treaters will be seen by drivers. Buy reflective tape so trick or treaters will be safely visible on Halloween night. You can add the tape to backpacks, jackets, costumes or bags. Trick or treat bags should also be light or bright colored or trimmed with reflective tape. Costumes should be made of flame retardant or resistant material. When you shop for costumes, masks, beards and wigs look for the “Flame Retardant” or “Flame Resistant” label. Don’t get costumes with big sleeves or skirts so they won’t catch on fire from candles.

The costumes should not drag on the ground. Kids may trip on those costumes and they may get muddy or dirty. Costumes should not be too long. The shoes the trick or treaters are wearing should be safe for walking. They should be sturdy shoes that fit them well, not flimsy breakable plastic or high heeled shoes. Hats or scarves should be tied securely so they won’t fall down over the children’s eyes. Masks should fit securely and the eyeholes should be large enough that the children can see clearly. Masks should have openings for the eyes and nose. Masks may obstruct vision so makeup may be a better choice. You should try the masks on yourself to make sure they are comfortable and that your children can see with the masks on. If the masks feel heavy or uncomfortable to you they won’t like them either. Any sword type accessories should have rounded tips not sharp points. They should be flexible and made of soft material.

Your children should have a time limit for their trick or treating. You should decide which streets you’ll be walking on before you go trick or treating. Tell them not to eat anything until after you have inspected it. Feed your children before they go trick or treating so they won’t want to eat treats before you’ve checked them. They will have to have adult supervision so if you’re not going with them arrange for another adult to go with them. Remind them to stay together in a group and don’t wander off. Make sure they have your phone number in case they need it. The children should have flashlights to help them see and be seen. You should also give them whistles on cords and take a cellphone.

When you go trick or treating carry flashlights or light sticks so you can see in the dark and see anything you drop. Make sure the flashlights work before you leave. Put reflective tape on bags, costumes or jackets so you’ll be seen by drivers. Carry some quarters so you can call home from a payphone. Put some identification in the children’s pockets. Caution your children not to go into houses or cars of people they don’t know.

Trick or treat in your neighborhood and only at houses you’re familiar with. Walk on the sidewalks. Only trick or treat on streets that have good lighting. You should only go to houses that have the porch lights on. When you cross the street walk, don’t run and look both ways before crossing. Cross the street at corners.

Don’t walk through backyards, alleys, parks or shortcuts. They may not be lit well enough and there may be wires holding up decorations that you might trip over. Tell your children not to play with lighters, matches or fireworks.

If you’re an adult who’s going to be giving candy to trick or treaters remember to turn on your porch lights and other outside lights and keep them on. Move jack o lanterns that are lit with candles away from the door, steps and landing. You should use battery powered or light stick jack o lanterns or flashlights to light jack o lanterns not candles. Keep pets away from the doorway so they don’t run out, nobody trips over them and they don’t get afraid or scare the children. Before trick or treating time check your yard to make sure trick or treaters won’t trip over anything in it. Make sure nothing will fall into a candle lit jack o lantern and start a fire.

If you’re out driving on Halloween night be very careful driving. Look out for children who may be crossing the street. Don’t drive on Halloween night if you don’t have to. If you do go out on Halloween night drive slowly and carefully. Be careful when you are backing out of your driveway. Be very alert when you are driving on Halloween night.

Keep pets in a separate room during the trick or treat time. They may be afraid and they may try to run out. Don’t leave pets outside on Halloween. They may be scared. They may run away or get lost. There may be pranksters on Halloween. Someone may not see them and step on them or trip over them. Also, remember that trick or treat candy is not safe for pets. Chocolate may be poisonous to some animals. Candy wrappers or foil may be hazardous if swallowed. Keep pets away from candle lit pumpkins. Pets are curious and they may be burned.

Don’t put costumes on pets if they don’t like it. If you do put costumes on your pets make sure they aren’t obstructing their vision. Check to make sure they aren’t irritating them or unsafe. Try to get your pets adjusted to wearing their costumes before Halloween.



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