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Halloween Safety Tips for Kids: Have Fun and Be Safe While Trick or Treating

Published by Rashida Heare

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Children get so excited at Halloween that they may forget about safety. Adults can enforce a few common sense guidelines to make this a happy Halloween with safe fun. Before starting out on the trick or treat path, it’s a good idea to feed children a healthy dinner. This will help them to be less tempted to eat treats before they get home.

Halloween Safety While Trick or Treating

There should always be an adult chaperone with young children. Only go to homes with the porch light on and never go inside a home. Stay on the sidewalk or the edge of the road. Never cut through dark yards, alleys, or between cars. Drivers may be distracted and not see someone darting out into the road.

Dark costumes are difficult to see at night, so light costumes are best. It helps to accentuate the costume with reflective tape. Reflective tape can be placed on shoes, shoulders, arms, legs, and trick or treat bags or containers. If a costume has a mask, be sure that it doesn’t inhibit vision. Halloween makeup is a safer option. Children should carry a glow stick or a flashlight. They should also be taught never to shine a flashlight in another person’s eyes.

Older children may want to go alone. If so, plan a route, make them carry cell phones, and remind them always to stay in a group. Giving children a cell phone to carry in their trick or treat bag is a good precaution.

Check all the treats under good light at home before eating them. Never eat treats that are in packages that have been opened, show pinholes, or have other damage. Never eat fruit or homemade treats unless they are from a family member or close friend.

Try a Halloween Trunk or Treat

In recent years, Halloween Trunk or Treat parties have become a popular alternative to going door to door in a neighborhood. One can be arranged with a church group, a scouting troop, or other youth organization, or it can be a neighborhood block party.

Adults decorate their cars with Halloween decorations. They open the trunks of their cars, and the Halloween ghosts and goblins visit each car with an open trunk. The trunks are full of Halloween surprises and treats.

Tailgate barbeques are a fun way to kick off a Halloween Trunk or Treat. This way the kids will have food in their tummies before they begin collecting treats. Adding some carnival type games and music makes the evening fun and safe for everyone.

Halloween Fun in a Haunted House

Haunted houses are a standard of Halloween. When enjoying this sort of spooky fun, participants should always stick with a partner or a group. If someone gets hurt or frightened, the others can help get the person out of the house. Very young children should not be taken into haunted houses, as it can be too frightening for them.

Some of the paths in a haunted house may be very dark. Carrying a glow stick or small flashlight can help guide the visitor through these areas. Guests should step carefully, and never run, because other people may be on the path just ahead.

The actors in the haunted house should never touch a visitor. They may try to block the path, or lean in and make spooky sounds, but touching the guests is not appropriate. If an actor touches a visitor, he or she should be reported to the management or the homeowner if it is a private haunted house.

General Personal Safety Tips

Young children should not carve pumpkins. They can paint pumpkin faces, or draw them with different colors of permanent marker. If an adult carves a pumpkin, the safest options for light are glow sticks or votive candles in a votive holder.

Halloween revelers should always have a partner with them or be in a group, whether they are going trick or treating, going through a corn maze or hay bale maze, or visiting a haunted house. Cell phones should be carried by children in case they are separated from the group.

Visibility is a very important safety consideration. Drivers need to be able to see the trick or treaters as they walk down the street, and trick or treaters need to be able to see the path and everything around them. Glow sticks, reflective tape, and flashlights are musts on Halloween.

Following these simple, common sense guidelines will ensure that everyone has a safe and happy Halloween.

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