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Halloween Safety Tips Keep Your Night Enjoyable

Published by Justin Ewert

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Precautionary Guidelines Help Avoid Problems

Halloween should be a night for fun but there are things children and adults can do to keep it safe and avoid possible danger. Here are a few tips to make the night go smooth and trouble free.

Children may be wearing dark outfits but parents should wear or take something with them that reflects or is bright. Be sure to bring flashlights as well. Purchase Halloween flashlights for the children and they will more likely to use them. People in cars sometimes cannot see children. You do not want anyone hit by a speeding Halloween partier.

You should only go trick or treating to houses or people you know. If you have a good neighborhood, you probably are okay but you cannot be positive. Do not let children go into apartment buildings or houses with long stairways or dark areas. People can be hiding or children can trip and get hurt.

If a house is dark with no outdoor light on, don’t go in. Some people do not like trick or treaters. If the house is not inviting, avoid it. Either no one will answer or the person will be angry that you bothered them. Some people are ill and cannot get out of bed. Others are just cranky.

As a child I had always heard horror stories about razors in apples. Today, people are trickier. Check out all treats before letting your child eat anything. Be sure packaging is proper. Anything that looks even slightly suspicious, toss out. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Do not let children go out without an adult. Some times older children can try to scare younger children. If they see a parent, they will avoid the temptation.

You may want to plan a route in advance. That may include calling friends and relatives and asking if you can visit. Tell them an approximate time.

If there is a group of children going, make sure they all know to stick together. Put each child in charge of looking out for another child. This way they will stay together easier.

Talk to older children about not playing tricks that can be harmful on Halloween. Do not scare small children, vandalize homes or frighten the elderly or ill. Instead give the older children a task. They can do things like put confectioners sugar or shaving cream on your door handle as a joke, greet children at the door with a creepy mask or even pay them to take the younger ones trick or treating. Just keep them out of situations that can cause them to get in trouble. The holiday itself is a temptation for mischief.

Make sure the costume your child chooses to wear is safe. You don’t want any real swords or sharp objects. The outfit also needs to fit and not be too long so the child can trip. The child also needs to be able to see so be sure masks fit properly. It is also wise to be sure it is fire-proof. Kids need to stay away from jack-o-lanterns because it is easy for loose clothing to catch fire.

Be sure your children have a good hearty meal before going out. This will make it less likely for them to eat all their candy at once. If possible, allow them only a certain amount of snacks at a time. Being ill on Halloween definitely spoils the holiday.

These are a few great tips you should keep handy when planning for the holiday. Now go have fun and keep safe.

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