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Halloween Scavenger Hunt: Tips to Host a Succesful Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Published by Kira Bloom

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Halloween is the perfect time to host a scavenger party. A fun and entertaining Halloween treasure hunt can easily be adapted for guests of any age, theme or duration and is guaranteed fun. What takes to host a successful scavenger party? Most of it depends on the prep work done beforehand. The more organized the host is, the more fun you can expect. Let’s see some tips and ideas to host the perfect Halloween scavenger hunt, something that the guests will remember for years.

Age appropriate

This is the most important tip for any successful party. If you’re hosting a riddle oriented Halloween scavenger hunt for kids, keep it simple. It shouldn’t be overwhelming or confusing, yet challenging and interesting. Now how’s that possible? If you have twenty items listed, have twelve that are easy to locate and decipher while make the other eight a tad harder. After all, you don’t want the party to be over in five minutes yet no one prefers frustrated guests.

Choose a Theme

A Halloween scavenger hunt can be easily adapted to any theme. Keeping your preference and the comfort zone of your guests in mind choose a theme. While researching for some ideas, I stumbled on this Skeleton Scavenger Hunt theme from Family Fun. Another fun idea is to have a Halloween costume scavenger hunt where the guests are handed a list of Halloween costumes along with a camera. The teams photograph people wearing the costumes within a time limit.

Map it

It’s a great tip to map your area prior to the scavenger hunt. Talk to your neighbors, decide on the area and then figure out the treasure. Keeping in mind the short interest span of kids, several treasures would make it interesting for them. However, with adults it could be limited to a single item.

Work on Clues

No Halloween scavenger hunt would be complete without fun clues that lead the guests from one spot to another as they try and locate the buried treasure. One of the best tips for a successful party is to have cool clue cards. Family fun has printable treasure hunt clue cards for you to download and print. Once downloaded, simply write the clues, hand it to your guests and watch the adventure begin!

Keep the clues age appropriate. For inspiration, check out some websites that provide you with cool clue ideas.

To have things different, edgy and fun in your Halloween scavenger hunt; adult guests could be asked to provide photos rather than the actual objects. The pictures could be whacky, fun and related to the clues provided. Remember the list should be manageable and not chaotic. Take a trial run before the actual party to see how long it takes.

Cool prizes

Be sure to honor the winning team of your Halloween scavenger hunt with cool prizes. The prize should be something that makes the effort all worth it. Along with the grand prize, it’s a great idea to include couple of more prizes like for the creative interpretation.

For a successful Halloween scavenger hunt party, the key is to plan, plan and plan. Don’t forget the pictures and the awesome memories. According to a Halloween ideas website, “Assemble a scrapbook with the pictures you receive back and document any special events that occur during the hunt. Write the year, the winner(s) and prizes. Have your photos on display for next year’s Halloween party and bring back some ghoulish memories.”

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