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Halloween Snacks and Recipes

Published by Jerri Kitchin

Halloween recipes everyone can enjoy!

#1 Great Halloween Recipes by Bunky
This article gives you everything from great Halloween punches to scary dinners like “Cat Litter Casserole” and “Baked Brains”. These fun, inventive and spooky treats will put your guests right into the holiday spirit!

#2 Healthy Halloween Recipes: Festive and Fun Entertaining by Jill P. Viers
Jill takes a healthy trick on Halloween and turns good things like veggies into healthy snacks your kids will be screaming to eat. Some of her great recipes include a Slimy Nose Burrito, Bloody Fingers and Popcorn Balls.

#3 Halloween History and Recipes by Unwirklich Vin Zant
A historical article enlightening us on the Celtic traditional holiday of Samhain right to hot to make super easy Halloween zombie bits as a tasty treat to celebrate!

#4 Halloween Recipes for All by Martha Rhodes
This is a great get-to-the-point article with tons of fun and spooky recipes everyone will love! The author gives you recipes for mice, eyeballs, green blobs, dead fingers and a few more scary treats. This article even include some Halloween alcoholic beverages for all you party lovers out there!

#5 More Fun, Easy Halloween Recipes for Kids by Janna Weiss
This wholesome article gives you fun recipes like super easy spider chili and Halloween cookie pizza! The perfect entrees to feed your little goblins before trick or treating!

#6 Halloween Recipes for Anyone by Mandy Kaye
Whether you want to make a witch’s brew or dirt cups this has got it all!! These are some real easy and fun recipes that really are for everyone.

#7 Halloween Recipes: Goblin, Pumpkin, Pudding and Rum Treats by Julie Murphy
With pudding parfait and ghoulishly good rum drinks your party will be the hit of the night! These are some new and tasty recipes that will be a smashing hit from young to old.

#8 Gross Recipes for Halloween by Rhonda Luve
What would Halloween be without icky, sticky, gross things to creep us out! And all these wrapped into a tasty treat to top it all off! Try her monster toe recipe or better yet make up a batch of yummy brains.

#9 Halloween Recipes by Bunky
These are recipes the entire family can enjoy from baby Isabel to grandpa Steinbech these fun and tasty Halloween goodies are sure to please. Recipes include eyeball eyes and buggy potatoes.

#10 Fun and Healthy Halloween Snacks by Annie Shofkom
With all the struggles of trying to get your child to eat properly while during a major candy fest with everyone literally tossing them bags and bags of sugar it can be tough to get your little pumpkin to eat healthy. Here are some kid approved healthy and fun recipes to help keep there sugar levels from sky rocketing! A few of these great kid friendly snacks are spider bites, creepy apples, ants on a log, and vampire blood.

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