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Halloween Snacks with Healthy Options

Published by Inocencia Mcgaha

Halloween snacks and add a little “Boo!” to your mood!

1. Ghost Pears

You Need:

Shaved Coconut

Healthy Options:

Light Honey
Unsweetened coconut shavings

The scariest way to dress up a simple pear! First wash and dry your pear/pears. Fill a bowl with one cup of honey at a time. Roll each pear in the honey til covered on all sides. Put your coconut shavings in a bowl. Hold Pear by stem and roll in the shavings until covered in the coconut shavings. For the finishing touch, put a generous dot of honey on the back of three raisins and place on the pear for your ghost’s eyes and mouth. Boo! Your Pear Ghost is finished…now hurry and eat him before he spooks you!

Jack-O-Lantern Crackers

You Need:

Round crackers
Orange spreadable cheese
Green Pepper

Healthy Options:

Wheat crackers
Light orange spreadable cheese

If you want a simple Halloween snack you can make with young children, this is a great snack! Take a round cracker and spread the orange cheese spread on top. Then cut your pepper and celery to make jack-o-lantern faces. A few ideas would be to cut a piece of celery for a smile or frown and cut tiny squares or triangles of pepper for eyes and nose shapes. Use your imagination to create the scariest jack-o-lantern cracker you can think of!

Silly Devil Crackers

You Need:

2 round crackers per devil
Sour cream
Red food dye
salami or other meat (to be cut into tongue)
Red Pepper
Cheese slice of choice

Healthy Options:

Wheat crackers
Light sour cream
Turkey pepperoni
Low fat cheese

Don’t worry-these devils are more prone to giggles than screams! First cut a square of cheese to fit the cracker. Mix Sour cream with food coloring til it is deep devil red! Spread sour cream on both sides of one cracker and place the piece of cheese on the other.Spread sour cream on the showing side of the cheese. Cut salami in the shape of a tongue. Place tongue on top of cheese. Place the sour cream coated cracker on top of the tongue. Cut pepper into devil horns. Lay horns down on top of cracker sandwich. Put 2 dots of white sour cream for the eyes. If you want, cut 2 tiny pieces of salami and place them in the center of the eyes and sprinkle some pepper to finish the devils face. Who knew a devil could be so silly?

Carrot Fingers (2 versions)

You Need:
Peanut butter

Healthy Options:

Natural or Low fat Peanut Butter
Lightly salted or unsalted peanuts

Smooth Version Directions:
This recipe is for a smooth finger. Split your carrots in half. Place a generous dot of peanut butter at the tip of the carrot. Put one half of a peanut on the peanut butter as the fingernail. Enjoy eating your fingers!

Bumpy Version Directions:
This recipe is for a bumpy finger. Split your carrots in half. Cover the round side of the split carrot with peanut butter. Crush or blend some nuts to create smaller pieces of nut. Press peanut butter side of carrot on the crushed nuts. Place a generous dot of peanut butter at the tip of the carrot. Put one half of a peanut on the peanut butter dot as a fingernail. Enjoy eating your bumpy fingers!

Idea: If you want to use the fingers as decorative food, you can stick them onto a plate in the shape of a hand with some peanut butter- A nice way to decorate any Halloween dish!

Gohst pops

You Need:
1 banana= 2 pops
white and/or milk Chocolate (to melt)
Blck and/or white decorative frosting
Plastic Straws
Wax paper

A really fun way to dress up a banana! Take your banana and cut it in two (short ways). Melt chocolate in microwave. Roll banana half in chocolate. Cut straws in two and stick in the bottom of the banana. Place on wax paper and leave in freezer til chocolate is hard. Remove from the freezer and add icing eyes and mouth. Don’t worry, these ghosts are frozen and therefore safe to eat-enjoy!

Halloween is all about having fun! I hope these original snacks add a healthy serving of excitement to your Halloween celebrations!

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