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Halloween Songs: My Top Ten and How to Choose the Best Halloween Songs for Your Guests

Published by Londa Yerly

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In order to have a successful Halloween extravaganza, you must have the perfect music mix. No matter what kind of party or celebration, there are a few key elements that are always constant. Every party has food, decor, and music. In order to really set an eerie Halloween mood while successfully keeping your guests happy and entertained, you must have the ultimate music selection. In the following paragraphs I will explain an easy way to choose the right music and reveal and explanation my top ten Halloween music picks.

Before I go on to reveal my top picks for the ultimate Halloween bash, I’d like to share my secret to picking out the best mix of party music. Different audiences relate to and enjoy different music. Picking the right music is crucial to the success of your party. If you pick the wrong music, you may end up with bored guests, and therefore a boring party. If you’re not sure what music is best for your crowd, use these following categories to evaluate possible music options.

The Categories

Popularity– How much people enjoy the song. If you are the only person who knows and enjoys the song, you probably won’t have a very positive reaction from your guests. Choose songs that the majority enjoys. In the case of party music, majority always rules.

Mood/Appropriateness– The song’s ability to set the mood you are going for. In the case of a Halloween party, the amount of appropriateness will depend on how pertinent the song is to Halloween. For example, all though “Mary Had A Little Lamb” is a nice song, it probably isn’t the right song for a Halloween party, and therefore will score poorly for mood/appropriateness.

Universality – How generalizable the music is to all age groups. The more people that know the song, the more fun everyone will have. This can also spark conversation and interaction between guests, which can really add to the comfort and enjoyableness of your celebration. In my experience, if most people know the song, energy is much higher and even those who do not know the song tend to enjoy it more. If very few people know the song, many people loose interest and energy as well as excitement goes down.

Fun factor– How easy it is to dance and sing to the song, as well as it’s ability to keep guests entertained, excited and smiling.

Below are the four categories we just explained above with a grading scale of low, medium, and high.

Popularity: Low-Medium-High Mood/Appropriateness: Low-Medium-High Fun Factor: Low-Medium-High Universality: Low-Medium-High

In the fallowing paragraphs I will list my top ten Halloween music choices along with their category scores and explanations. These songs are sure to be a hit!

My Top 10 Halloween Songs

  1. Thriller

Popularity: High Mood/Appropriateness: High Fun Factor: High Universality: High

My number one pick for Halloween music magic is Michael Jackson’s Thriller! Thriller has to be number one on my list for a few key reasons. First, Thriller is constantly seen in the top five of all the Halloween music lists I have seen.. Secondly, from personal experience, Thriller is one of those songs that no matter what demographic, most people know the song. Thriller is also an amazing song when it comes to setting a mood. The lyrics alone can make your skin crawl and the eerie haunted chords in the background make it truly thrilling. Lastly, there always seems to be at least a few people that know the Thriller dance and the “experts” tend to help teach others. The interaction and excitement Michael Jackson’s Thriller creates makes it a hands down winner for first place.

  1. The Monster Mash

Popularity: High Mood/Appropriateness: High Fun Factor: High Universality: High

The Monster Mash grabs a hold of the second spot because of it’s versatility. I have never been to a Halloween party without hearing the silly lyrics of The Monster Mash by Bobby Borris Pickett. Other than being a popular pick for Halloween, it is also extremely appropriate and has a wonderfully playful mood. This song scores high in fun factor as well, because of it’s tendency to get people moving, interacting, and laughing. The Monster Mash has almost become a traditional part of Halloween with all ages being accustomed to a dose of The Monster Mash every Halloween. For these reasons, The Monster Mash is definitely worthy of my #2 pick!

  1. The Adams Family Theme Song

Popularity: High Mood/Appropriateness: High Fun Factor: High Universality: High

My #3 pick comes from the well known TV show The Adams Family. Another song that scores high in every category, this theme song is particularly fun and well known by most age groups. The signature snapping that occurs throughout this song is sure to get your guests involved in snapping along. This theme song also crosses generations and often seems to spark conversations. Overall, this is a wonderful addition to a Halloween party because of interactive nature and lighthearted lyrics.

  1. Purple People Eater

Popularity: High Mood/Appropriateness: High Fun Factor: High Universality: High

Coming in at #4 Purple People Eater is an old favorite of many people I know. Purple People Eater is another song that capitalizes on it’s fun factor. Although it may not be the scariest song, it is sure to get some laughs and spread some smiles. This is a great song to play in between especially scary or serious songs. Although the song is more of a children’s song, I’ve heard it played at many adult parties and it always seems to be a hit!

  1. Jaws Theme Song

Popularity: High Mood/Appropriateness: High Fun Factor: High Universality: High

I chose the Jaws Theme Song as my #5 pick. The success of the Jaws movies helped make the theme song recognizable to people many years after it’s debut. Not only does this song hit many Halloween favorites charts, but it’s continued popularity as a movie allows many generations to enjoy the songs terrifying chords. I chose this song as number five because it is a great way to keep your music selection diverse as well as slip in some truly blood curdling music!

  1. The Devil Went Down to Georgia

Popularity: High Mood/Appropriateness: High Fun Factor: High Universality: High

Charlie Daniels truly wrote a masterpiece when he wrote The Devil Went Down to Georgia, my pick for #5. Although this song was made popular back in 1979 it has remained popular and well known through 2016. While The Devil Went Down to Georgia may not be the easiest song to sing or dance to, the high energy created by the fast notes and spinning lyrics keeps people excited and tuned in. I feel this song is a wonderful Halloween song because of the mood it creates with it’s dark, witty lyrics and intense speed. Overall a fun and upbeat way to spice up your Halloween music selection.

  1. The Twilight Zone

Popularity: High Mood/Appropriateness: High Fun Factor: High Universality: Medium

Although the title is not always recognized by everyone, once the music starts most everyone recognizes the other worldly sounds of The Twilight Zone. I felt this song had to be on the list because of the unique mood it creates. Many younger children may not know this song, but it is very easy to get into and enjoy.

  1. The Time Warp

Popularity: High Mood/Appropriateness: High Fun Factor: High Universality: Medium

Purely amusing, The Time Warp from The Rocky Horror Picture Show is both well suited for Halloween festivities and extremely entertaining. If you have any need to break the ice and get people to interact, this would be the song to do it! The goofy lyrics and funky tune make this song especially party-friendly. This song seems to make people want to dance and can be a great pick up in the later hours of a party.

  1. Ghost Busters theme song

Popularity: High Mood/Appropriateness: High Fun Factor: High Universality: Medium

Ghost busters is #9 and one of my favorite theme songs. Although the Ghost Busters theme song may not be known to all ages, it is upbeat and easy to fallow. With the simple reoccurring lyrics, even people who have never heard the song before are sure to join in. Overall, this song is a perfect sing-along-song and can be a lot of fun with a big group.

  1. Nightmare Before Christmas theme song

Popularity: High Mood/Appropriateness: High Fun Factor: High Universality:Medium

The wonderful Tim Burton movie Nightmare Before Christmas is jam packed with wonderful music, especially for Halloween. The theme song is both catchy and spooky with scary lyrics and swelling background music. The only draw back may be universality because the movie is newer and may not be known among older adults. Even so, The Nightmare before Christmas theme song is filled with chilling lyrics that will definitely keep your guests on their toes! This movie may have been created for children, but I have friends in their 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s whom love the movie and the music, thus securing a spot on my top ten list.

And so concludes my top ten Halloween music list! These songs are sure to be shoe ins for your Halloween celebration, but even so, you will probably need more than ten songs. Not to fret! You can use the four categories (universality, fun factor, popularity, and mood/appropriateness) to choose the right music for your group. Enjoy choosing your Halloween music and remember: when the music is right, the party will stay hoppin’ all night!




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