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Halloween Special Effects

Published by Kerrie Mccalley

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When we think of Halloween we think scary, ghosts and ghouls and haunted houses. All these things Halloween revolves around (except candy of course!) and none of these would be what the are today without all our special effects. Here are a list of the top ten DIY special effects for Halloween this year.

#1 Liquid Latex: Using Hollywood Make-Up FX for Halloween Costumes by Will N. Stape
The ultimate special effects enhanced costume using liquid latex. This will make you familiar with liquid latex, what is is and techniques on using it.

#2 Make Your Own Halloween Cauldron with Fog and Lights by Kirby Warden
This smoke and cauldron DYI project is fairly easy and not too pricey. This would be a fun one to add to your special Halloween decorations this year.

#3 DIY Haunted Halloween Graveyard for Less Than $50 by Kelly Spies
This a great and affordable, fun project guide you and your family can follow and create together. Turn your back yard into a ghoulish graveyard!

#4 How to Create a Haunted Cave of Wonders for Halloween by C. Jeanne Heida
Always excellent to hear a new and fresh idea and how to do it. This will give you all the goods including materials to make your own cave.

#5 How to Make a Spooky Halloween Cemetery by C. Jeanne Heida
Here is a great DIY guide to turning your backyard into a scary graveyard for your children, neighbors and trick-or-treaters to enjoy!

#6 Try Halloween Express for Costumes, Accessories, Props, & Special Effects by Paula Myers
A review on a store for all the best and imaginative costumes on the market this year.

#7 Spooky and Ghoulish Halloween Decorations by Michelle Robinson
“Make Your Home the Creepiest One in the Neighborhood!” A guide to dressing up your home for Halloween fun.

#8 DIY Halloween Sound Effects by Javaman
“Can you imagine on Halloween going to the Haunted house at Disneyland or Disney World and walking into a quiet haunted mansion. It would not be the same. A Halloween environment needs to be spooky if it is to be authentic.”

#9 Do it Yourself Halloween Special Effects by Sarah F. Sullivan
Great tips on making spooky noises, bubbling cauldrons and the sound of footsteps. These creepy special effects will be everything you need to take your Halloween experience to the next level!

#10 Halloween Special Effects: Do-it-Yourself Tricks to Treat by JulieAnn
These are creative and fun ideas for your Halloween special effects this year. With things like the butchered body, a chainsaw attack and a giant spiderweb your guests will be jumping in their seats!




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