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Halloween Stories, Contests and Jokes

Published by Lorie Marren

Scary Halloween Stories – AmericanFolklore
Classic Halloween Stories (Legend of Sleepy Hollow etc…) – Halloween.com
Halloween Stories for kids – Kaboose

Halloween Tales
Very scary for those who are brave -Terrifying Tales – Paranormal @about.com
Spooky Tales and Stories – Holiday Spot

Halloween Contests (some may be local, national and/or regional)
Halloween Art Contest Guild Wars – GuildWars
Super Crafty Halloween Contest – SFGate
Halloween Photo Contest – HalloweenandCostumes
Halloween Recipe Contest(s) – contests@about.com
Hand-Made Costume Contest – Simply Creative JoAnneFabric

Halloween Jokes
Jokes – Halloween.com
Jokes and One-Liners for Halloween – Holiday Spot
Riddles, Jokes, kid friendly – Kaboose
Horror Jokes – CavenrsofBlood

Halloween Humor
Tricks and Treats – humor @about.com
Halloween Humor, Cartoons – ButlerWebs
Halloween Humour (spelled fancy-like!) – ILoveIndia

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