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Halloween Tailgating

Published by Kristen Andras

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Halloween is a fun holiday that always incorporates both family and singles in some form or another. While older people love the scaring sides of the holiday others love the fact that they get to dress up and get candy. Sometimes it can be difficult to put together a Halloween party because you never know if the people coming like to be scared or would rather like a calm approach to the Holiday. Tailgating is also very fun and sports fans love it. Tailgating adds the outdoor flair to the excitement of the day. When you add the two together, you can come out with a party that everyone will remember and love.

The first order of business is to come up with how Halloween-y you want your tailgate party to be so that you can purchase the right décor. Then you need to be sure that you tell your guests that you are going with a Halloween theme so that they can dress accordingly, as well as pick food that is as Halloween themed as possible. This guide will give you ideas on decorations as well as food to prepare.

Anyone who has ever lived in the United States during Halloween has seen what decorations are used during the holiday however; you don’t have to spend a bunch of money on décor if you are willing to do some of the work yourself. First you need pumpkins and lots of them! Buy some of all sizes that you can find and be sure you have a few large ones and a few small ones. Carve the large ones into any style that you wish and save the small ones for extra food decorations. You don’t have to buy fancy Halloween plates, forks, and napkins, simply buying black and orange ones will be perfectly fine. You an also buy streamers in orange and black for less than $1 per roll at Wal-Mart. While you are at the store buying streamers you may as well go ahead and pick up some tea-light candles to use in the larger jack-o-lanterns you will be carving as well as use them for some extra low-lighting during the tailgate party.

When time for the party begins and you have your decorations under way there are a few foods that are sure to rock the boat with your guests. First you want food that is very Halloween themed as well as delicious. The first order of business is to take care of your small pumpkins. Cut the tops of the pumpkins off and shell them out to make bowls. This gives you a wonderful dipping bowl for chips as well as sweets and crackers. My favorite 3 dips are the spinach dip recipe that is on the back of many vegetable dip packets, the hidden valley ranch dressing mix mixed into sour cream for great chip dip, and some quick fix pumpkin dip. The recipe for pumpkin dip is easy enough if you purchase a can of Libby’s pumpkin and a packet of instant vanilla Jell-O pudding as well as a can of evaporated milk. Open the can of pumpkin and empty it into a large bowl. Add the can of evaporated milk as well as one cup of regular milk. Mix in about 3 tablespoons of cinnamon as well as one tablespoon of pumpkin or all-spice. Add the pack of instant pudding and mix until it begins to thicken. This dip is great with vanilla wafers as well as ginger snaps.

Other great ideas for food include: dying the chip dip red so that it adds a “blood effect” to the meal, you can also easily dye hot dog buns with black food coloring by mixing drops of food coloring with water and just barely brushing them with it, make orange pumpkin shaped cookies as well as black bat shaped ones, buy little bouncy balls that look like eyeballs and wash thoroughly and then put them in the freezer for 30 minutes and add them to drinks, most of all be creative when preparing the food and you will be able to find many different and easy things that will add a little bit of flair to anything you make.

Putting the easy decorations and artistic food to your tailgate party would be enough in itself to add some excitement to it, but every party needs games. Simple games to use could include putting numbers on the bottom of plates and drawing a number to select a winner, a piñata (hopefully not placed too close to your truck), having a find the prize game (good ideas would be buying worms of some sort and putting a prize in the bottom of a bowl and making the guests try to find it), or any other game that you normally play that you think would be appropriate. Wrap your truck in the streamers and place the lit pumpkins around in various places, have chairs prepared and a small table for the food, and you have yourself a great time in the making.



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