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Halloween Trail Mix

Published by Charity Boeri

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It’s Halloween and children will be picking out costumes to ring doorbells and say the magic words, Trick or Treat. Bagsof orange or black, will be overflowing with candy everywhere. Many times the over abundance of candy is overwhelming and almost tiring.

However fall is also the time of the year when certain candies make an appearance. Like Christmas and candy canes, Easter and Peeps, certain treats are only available for goblin night.

Candy Corn a Halloween Favorite

Everyone has their own favorites ,especially of the treats that only make an appearance during holidays. Candy Corn is a favorite one of these treats. Just an image of candy corn often brings memories of trick or treating and bobbing for apples.

Of course the sweet treat is good but it is hard to eat in large quantities by itself. By throwing together a few other fall favorites with candy corn, a great trail mix can be made that will have friends asking for the recipe as they wonder at your Martha Stewart abilities.

Halloween Trail Mix

  • ½ bag of candy corn (the caramel variety is also good)
  • 1 jar of dry roasted nuts
  • 1 bag of dried cran-raisins
  • ½ bag of fall colored M&Ms
  • ½ bag of candied pumpkins
  • 1 small bag butterscotch morsels

Mix all ingredients together until well blended. Store in zip lock bag when not eating.

Halloween Gift bags

The great thing about this mix is that it is not written in stone. I have tried cashews, jellybeans and chocolate chips, all with great success. Be creative and enjoy the faces of your friends as they keep coming back for more. Find a pretty fall bowl and keep some out for when neighbors are over, or on your desk at work.

You can also fix bags to give out during Halloween. Decorate the bags with pretty black and orange ties , or find some Halloween gift bags to fill. It is important to make the trail mix according to what your family likes. If a saltier mix is more to your liking double the nuts , or try mixed nuts instead of dry roasted. Or if a sweeter version is preferred increase the amounts of candy corn and M&M’s. Mix up a batch and enjoy.

Halloween is a time to dress up and be someone different, it is also a time for parties, gatherings, and fun snacks. Try the Halloween Trail Mix and see if it doesn’t become an asked-for treat at your next fall gathering.

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