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Halloween Treats Don’t Have to Be Sweet!

Published by Kareem Wycoff

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Handout Suggestions for October 31

Recently I received a catalog in the mail full of goodies and products for any occasion.

Of course, right now the catalog’s theme is Halloween. October 31 is right around the corner when it comes to placing orders and receiving them. So I looked at it immediately, mainly out of curiosity.

I was shocked when I saw all the items I could hand out to Halloween haunters that weren’t candy. For some reason this never dawned on me. And most adults love any excuse to buy candy, since they gobble it up before October 31, and then end up buying more by the time Halloween rolls around. But candy doesn’t need to be the first choice of treat for little ghosts and goblins.

These suggestions beat a sugar treat! Be sure whatever you pass out is free of small parts, particularly for children under the age of three.

Notepads – – Little pads of paper encourage children to write and draw. Cats, pumpkins, ghosts and bats are easy to sketch and color.

Whistles and blowers – – Who doesn’t love to uncurl a whistling, twisting horn of paper? These are always a hit.

Yo-yos – – Found in all colors and sizes, this simple toy fascinates for a long time.

Paddleball – – A rubber ball attached to a paddle by an elastic string provides grins and giggles. Whether the ball hits the paddle once or numerous times, children love this game that uses eye-hand coordination.

Rubber spiders – – Eek! Let’s get just a little spooky with black, leggy arachnids!

Stretchy skeletons – – Tug and pull to make these bony guys grow!

Pencils, erasers, and pencil sharpeners – – Found in variety stores and groceries, any seasonal item turns a daily routine into something special.

Modeling clay – – Wee tubs of Play-doh are darling and make a unique, colorful treat. I found these at my grocery and just had to bring them home for Halloween giving.

And there are many more including Halloween playing cards, finger puppets, plush animals, small jars of bubbles, puzzles and bouncing eyeballs!

I usually place two or three different treats in a sealed bag for each Halloween visitor.

Is it time to change your Halloween handout from a traditional sweet treat, to one that surprises and




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