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Halloween Treats for the Grandparents

Published by Amie Morrow

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Get Grandma and Grandpa in on the Fun!

Children and parents alike look forward to Halloween. The fun of dressing up and trick or treating along with the Autumn decorating and community events make Halloween one of the most loved holidays. Make your Halloween celebration a little more special this year by including Grandma and Grandpa in on all the fun. Besides giving them joy at sharing the special times with their grandchildren, you will also create lovely and lasting memories for your kids.

Halloween Treats For The Grandparents: Take Grandma Halloween Costume Shopping With You And The Kids. Even before the last barbecue of the summer, kids begin thinking about what they will be for Halloween. Whether your kids have definite ideas on what they will dress up as this year or they want to spend some time perusing all the costumes before they make up their minds, invite Grandma along with you for the outing. Make a day of it and enjoy lunch after wards.

Halloween Treats For The Grandparents: Have A Jack ‘O Lantern Carving Party. Invite the Grandparents over the evening you plan on carving your family’s jack o’ lanterns. Bake some special treats and serve warm cider while you all sit around the dining room table and carve out some fun and spooky designs. Be sure to get the camera out and take several shots of everyone with the finished creations to make copies of and share later.

Halloween Treats For The Grandparents: Have A Pre Halloween Costume Parade. Dress the kids up in their Halloween finery before the big day and bring them over to Grandma and Grandpa’s for Halloween parade. Bring along a small bag of goodies and let the Grandparents hand them out to the kids once they complete showing off their costumes.

Halloween Treats For The Grandparents: Invite Them Over For The Big Day. If Grandma and Grandma are up to trick or treat around the neighborhood on Halloween, extend the invitation to accompany you and your family. They will surely enjoy watching their grandchildren enjoy themselves and also getting a chance to see all the neighborhood kids out and about in their costumes. If trick or treating would simply be too much for them, invite them to stay at your home while you take the kids around the neighborhood. They can answer your door while you are out and hand out candy and then have dinner or dessert with you and the kids when you return.

Halloween Treats For The Grandparents: Have A Post Halloween Scrap booking Party. After the big day has come and gone, invite Grandma and Grandpa over to use the best shots to make mini scrapbooks for everyone to have as keepsakes. The grandparents will love having the Halloween scrapbook to remember all the holiday fun and to show off to their friends.



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