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Halloween Trick or Treat Candy Alternatives

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Top 5 Alternatives


Individually wrapped crackers and cookies are perfect to hand out. These come in numerous flavors and combinations as well. There are multi packs available that come with both or you can look for one or the other. However, they are still better to hand out then more candy and they are something the kids could actually eat that night if they wanted to.


I like getting popcorn and my kids like it too. Whether it is just buttered popcorn in packages or store bought popcorn balls, my kids love having it any time of the day or year. It is still by far healthier than regular candy and gum that kids receive.

Dried Fruit:

Boxes of raisins or apricots are great. They are naturally sweet and come pre-packed for easy hand out. Also, they come in smaller sizes as well and large packages. There are also items like Craisins, Cranberries, and other dried fruit that kids like just as much.

Fruit Snacks:

Fruit snacks like Fruit Rollups and variations of Fruit Rollups do have more sugar than the above mentioned items, however they are still fun for the kids to have. Especially when you get the fruit dots or pictures that Fruit Rollups are available in. These are always in individual packages and can be bought in bulk as well. They are easy to hand out and are something others in your own family might want to have if you don’t hand them all out.

Beef Jerky:

There are so many brands and variations of beef jerky available. From Slim Jims that come in the small size or the full size, to jerky sticks and packages of jerky chunks, they are a lot to choose from. These take kids awhile to eat and they last awhile. Also, they don’t go bad and do come individually wrapped as well.

Many of these items can be bought in bulk from places like Sam’s Club or Costco and come individually wrapped as well. They are easy to hand out and can be kept for awhile. Also, kids can have them that night or eat them at school the next day and not get in trouble for having candy at school. These alternatives work well for your own kids and the neighborhood kids that will be coming to your home all evening.

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