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Halloween Wedding Centerpieces Ideas

Published by Mckinley Catterton

wedding centerpiece ideas are creative, but I bet you will like that if you are holding your wedding on Halloween!

Halloween Wedding Centerpiece Idea #1

Ok, what says Halloween wedding more than candles? Candles make the perfect Halloween centerpiece for your wedding reception. In this case we have to go with the candelabra for a Halloween wedding!

Try using a candelabra with red tapered candles in it! Black candles would also be fun. I don’t know how over the top your Halloween wedding will be, but hey, why not go all the way.

Finish off this look by first laying out some circle mirrors in the middle of your wedding reception dinner tables, sort of like large plate chargers.

Place the candelabra and red tapered candles in the middle, You may want to take your spooky candelabras and let some candle wax drip all over them, then add the candles on top to complete the look.

All around the glass mirror you can toss black or red rose petals! Too cool!

Halloween Wedding Centerpiece Idea #2

Ok, I love this simple idea for a Halloween wedding centerpiece. I can only assume you won’t mind a little orange at yoru Halloween wedding. Try using that piece of mirror again on your wedding reception table.

Now, top it off with a large clear glass candle votive or bowl. Fill the bowl or candle votive with water. Now add some orange food color.

Now, drop in some white floating candles.

Finish off the floating candle centerpiece with some silk flowers that you spray black. Click here to see how to make a floating flower centerpiece.

You can mix and match water colors here. Red, purple, green, and even clear will work well!

Be sure to spray paint your silk flowers black well in advance of your Halloween wedding so you know they are dry!

Halloween Wedding Centerpiece Idea #3

This simple Halloween wedding centerpiece eyes super easy to make and can be assembled in a matter of minutes.

All you need is some clear glass candle votives, Halloween candy, and some candles. Click here to read how to make this Candy corn or Halloween candy candle votive.

Try placing a grouping of three of these Halloween candles in the middle of the wedding reception table. Use candle votives at different heights and tree types of Halloween candy for a fun and retro Halloween look!

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