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Halloween Wedding: How to Plan a Hallowedding

Published by Sachiko Shike

roses will get you started. For more ideas visit www.wedthemes.com

4. Your invitations. If you are going for cute, check out the hallowedding invitations at www.tinytidings.com or www.wedding-invitations-plus.com . For the truly undead look to www.gothicartgallery.net or my personal favorite www.melasdesign.com . If you can’t find what you are looking for online, local print shops offer a variety of choices, and some may let you bring your own design.

5. When wording the invitations, be sure to inform the guests that it is a costume or Gothic event. Just in case someone shows up without one, make sure you offer a selection of masks. These can be found at your local dollar store around Halloween, or from vendors like Oriental Trading Company all year.

6. You may want to describe the reception as a costume or a masquerade ball to be sure that your guests get the point.

7. Your Hallowedding attire: If you want to be cheesy, stop reading. It is very important to summon your inner goth. She knows that you can’t buy your wedding gown in the Wal Mart costume section. Exactly how far are you willing to go for the spirit of Halloween? I suggest dropping the word ‘costume’ from your vocabulary and head directly to www.milieux.com for so many options that you will actually feel your pulse…

8. For his attire, look into www.theaesthetik.com (the corset coat and corset vest are HOT!), www.arcanelore.com (not for the faint hearted dark prince) , or www.darklinks.com . Whatever you do, make sure that he knows that Bela Lugosi is not, repeat NOT, an option.

9. For the wedding party, you may want to leave them to their own devices, or Bridezilla, you can simply have full creative control. Red or black gowns for your attendants, and tails for his groomsmen.

10. For realistic accessories, check out www.vampfangs.com . In addition to fangs, they carry a large selection of Manic Panic makeup. Hot Topic is a great source as well, and you just might be able to find all of your Gothic accoutrement there. Don’t forget the black lace garter!

11. When considering the desired makeup effect, it is important to start practicing well in advance of the ceremony. This also applies to hair. While the Iguana thinks that the Bride of Frankenstein is hot, your fiancee may not feel the same. www.vamp.org will give you some fail safe tips, straight from the vampires fang.

12. The musical score for your wedding will set the perfect mood. (Patting self on the back.) See Top 10 Songs for Halloween Background Music, by yours truly for some ideas.

13. Talk to those in the know for advice. Many wedding planners are virtually useless in this situation. Remember, this is anything but the typical wedding. Go to www.halloweddings.com for some unique ideas from someone who has actually been a part of a Hallowedding.

14. Drinks. Another of my personal favorite things, just happens to be Vampire Wines. They are the perfect beverage accent to the Halloween Wedding. From the Dracula Syrah to the Dracula Zinfandel, this is simply a must have. www.wickedwinesonline.com offers Vampire Wines and other darkness inspired beverage choices. You can also discuss the possibility of ordering Vampire Wines by the case with your local liquor store manager.

15. Your Halloween Wedding cake should be appetizing, yet still reflect the mood of the evening. www.designsbydorian.com offers bat, crow, and skeleton cake toppers. I like the “Love Never Dies” topper. Gothic romance at it’s finest. For wedding cake ideas, go to www.freedsbakery.com , or talk to your local baker. I suggest avoiding the orange and black routine.

16. Flowers are really up to the bride. A white Calla Lillies is classy, deep red roses are just the right amount of morbid, and for the truly disturbed, having your roses died black is always an option.

17. Your photographer should be experienced in Gothic photography. Because of the unique atmosphere and lighting, you don’t want your pictures too bright, or too dark. Think candle light.

18. Hire a D.J. with a large selection of music for the reception. Be very specific about the mood that you want to create.

19. www.wedthemes.com has a few really great ideas for wedding favors, as does www.favorideas.com . I would use black net and red ribbon instead of orange for the net favors.

20. Consider adding special touches. Some traditions weddings include releasing doves, why not crows?

Whatever you have in mind, the sites that I have provided are a great place to start. Be sure to allow yourself plenty of time to plan the event, and BREATHE, it is only eternity.

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