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Halloween Without Tricks or Treats

Published by Shannon Majocka

pumpkin carving and our efforts usually turn out a couple of true pieces of Halloween art. We place all the carved creations on display in front of the bonfire and then sit back and compliment each other on our achievements. If there are sparklers left over from earlier parties, they become the light source inside the carved pumpkins, creating a unique, flickering effect. After everyone has taken enough pictures of our efforts and the sparklers and candles have given off their last illumination, the pumpkins take their final place of honor in the giant bonfire, offering up their roasting pumpkin fragrance for our enjoyment. By the end of the evening, we have had a memorable family picnic and nobody has to worry about a future visit to the dentist to undo the evils of consuming too many sweets! There is also the benefit of not having to find someone with whom to swap the candy that you don’t like for something that they are not fond of.

Celebrating a candy less Halloween is very easy. All you need do is create other avenues of enjoyment or entertainment to replace the door to door begging for sweets. However, don’t try to convince me that there could ever be a turkey less Thanksgiving! Turkeys were put on this earth for us to idolize as the centerpiece of our late November family parties. What could be a viable alternative? Carving a rump roast!

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